2 arrested for ID fraud at F’ville’s HH Gregg

An Atlanta man and a Covington woman were arrested at HH Gregg Saturday afternoon on multiple identity fraud charges, Fayetteville police said.

Officers were summoned to the store after employees questioned the credit account the woman was attempting to use for a purchase, said Fayetteville police Det. Mike Whitlow. The woman was using a Nevada driver’s license and when asked for a second type of identification gave a social security number that did not match the driver’s license, Whitlow said.

Officers determined the driver’s license was counterfeit and located several more identification cards and driver’s licenses with the suspect’s name on it, Whitlow said.

Krystal C. Lamb, 24, of Fairway Trail, Covington was charged with felony counts of first degree forgery, the manufacturing or sale of a false identification document and financial identity fraud, followed by misdemeanor counts of obstruction of a police officer, possession of marijuana (less than one ounce) and dispensing another person’s driver’s license, police said.

Also arrested at the store was an Atlanta man who was with Lamb. John M. Jackson, 23 of Vison Place, Atlanta was initially arrested because he had asserted that Lamb’s Nevada driver’s license was legit, police said. But officers searched Jackson and found several more credit cards and identification cards in other people’s names, Whitlow said.

Whitlow said Lamb and Jackson claimed the police department wasn’t “going to do anything” about them, Whitlow said.

Jackson was charged with five felony counts of second degree forgery, five felony counts of manufacturing or sale of a false identification document, five misdemeanor counts of fraudulent use of a driver’s license and misdemeanor charges of obstruction of a police officer, possession of an altered driver’s license, possession of marijuana less than one ounce and another driver’s license violation.

The HH Gregg staff summoned police after questioning Lamb’s use of a Nevada driver’s license to make a purchase in their store, and corporate loss prevention personnel recommended that police be called, Whitlow said.

It turns out that the company’s loss prevention department had that particular account under investigation for potential fraud, Whitlow added.

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HH Greg

Why is it that ID and credit card fraud never happens at a bookstore? Am I profiling too much?

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Here in Fayette

the words, "PD isn't going to do anything about it", just don't apply, now do they, Missie Kryssie and little Johnny? Just like raising a red flag at a bull for our law enforcement here, when you utter those words in front of one of them.

Isn't it comforting to know that the majority of criminals are dumber than dirt?

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