3 arrested in PTC home invasion

Ted Andrew Jefferson in mug shot provided by the Peachtree City Police Department.

Peachtree City Police have arrested three men in connection with the July 13 home invasion at the Woodland Drive residence of Ceresa Coffee.

Ted Andrew Jefferson, 27, of Snellville, and Gilbert Jefferson, 27, of Lithonia, were both charged with aggravated assault, armed robbery and burglary, according to Peachtree City Police spokesperson Rosanna Dove. Also charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery and conspiracy to commit burglary was 28 year-old Peachtree City resident Christopher Falkner, Dove said.
“In the days following the incident, Peachtree City investigators were able to develop leads based on information from the crime scene and witness testimony,” said Dove. “Warrants were obtained for the three offenders, and all were arrested on authority of the warrants and transported to the Fayette County Jail.”
Dove said Ted and Gilbert Jefferson were the two men that entered Coffee’s home.
Coffee’s guest Jeff Young, who was also at the residence during the home invasion, told The Citizen last week that the men demanded money, held him at gunpoint and physically assaulted Coffee. One of the men then shot her as she attempted to flee the property to get help. Coffee was hit in the head by one or more of the shotgun pellets as she ran into the yard. 
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Well-done PTC police

Yes! I'm so glad these guys were busted.

I really wish criminals would read the paper once in a while. They would soon learn that crime in PTC is a pretty stupid thing to do. You get caught. Try your luck somewhere else, criminals (oops, there I go again, thinking criminals will read something).
Heck, maybe a sign as you enter PTC saying, "Criminals will be caught."

But, then.....that requires that these guys can read more than a three-letter word.

Stay in school, kids, and then after you finish high school or college, get a job, work hard, and you'll have the nice things you want. It's not rocket science. It's just a life of work and honesty. That's all it takes to be successful.

You don't need a huge TV, gold jewelry, and all the latest cool clothing and electronics. You just need family, friends, food, and freedom.

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I'll second the "Why not attempted murder?" question...

anyone with any good ideas?

Maybe the other charges cover it....

I know CC, I wish she would have/could have shot the SOB's.

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Ga has no attempted murder.

Ga has no attempted murder. Aggravated Assault is the charge

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Another great job PTC Police!!!

I can rest easier this evening with these folks off the street.

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Thug #1 likes MaryJane

All kind of stoned and happy to be in jail it seems! Good, maybe he can stay there for quite a while.

Joe Kawfi
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Celebrate Diversity!

Great job by the PTC police department in apprehending these shiftless cowards.

Joe Kawfi
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Celebrate Diversity!

Great job by the PTC police department in apprehending these shiftless cowards.

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Great job by the police, but......

How about adding the charge of attemped murder on the homeowner?

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Home Invasion Arrests

Kudos and congratulations to the law enforcement team responsible for the identification and arrest of these losers. You are appreciated. Now, lets see some harsh penalties so we may be rid of them for a long, long, time.

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Big congrats and THANK YOU to

Big congrats and THANK YOU to all Law enforcement involved in getting these guys - now let's see what justice system has in store for them - prosecute to the full extent possible..

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Thank you PTC PD!

And may our Fayette County justice system deal accordingly with this scum.

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Arrests in home invasion

Be interesting to know if one of them worked in her restaurant and thought she took cash home at night.......

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