Golf carts on F’ville sidewalks being eyed

Brick sidewalk along Lanier Avenue in Fayetteville. Photo/Bonnie Hester.

A measure by the Fayetteville City Council to align the use of motorized carts in Fayetteville with the county’s other jurisdictions was tabled at the July 17 meeting to give city staff time to review the idea of allowing carts on city sidewalks.

The amendment to the motorized cart ordinance was recommended to synchronize Fayetteville with other Fayette County jurisdictions by honoring cart permits issued by other government entities. The amendment would also allow holders of a valid learner’s permit to operate a cart as well as individuals at least 12 years of age if accompanied in the front seat by a licensed driver age 18 or older.

Former Councilman Larry Dell during the discussion requested that city sidewalks be considered for use by golf carts as opposed to being permitted only on cart paths which are seven feet or more in width.

Dell estimated that 60-70 percent of the sidewalks in the city are five feet in width. He requested that the amendment be tabled so that permitting golf carts on sidewalks could be considered, adding that golf carts should be required to yield to pedestrians.

Mayor Greg Clifton agreed, telling Dell the suggestion was a “good idea.”

The amendment will likely return for consideration in August.

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Well Cy

If they can do it, why can't we? We could go zipping up and down 74 on our carts on that sidewalk and just gently nudge any walkers into the highway. Or the sound wall.

Right? Right???

wrong spot in thread again. dang it.

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Golf Carts on F’ville Sidewalks????

Operating carts on sidewalks is going to be problematic as an existing state law (40-6-144) prohibits the operation of any vehicle – including carts – on sidewalks.

Fayetteville could attempt to change the name of sidewalks to multiuse or recreational paths (like PTC) but they were clearly not designed and or installed with that concept in mind.

It will be interesting to see what the outcome is.

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Golf Carts on Sidewalks? What Sidewalks?

I live 2 blocks east of the courthouse, inside city limits, and I can tell you that there are very few sidewalks on our side of the Historic District. And what little there are are not in good enough condition to accommodate golf carts without there being a good chance of a disaster. Maybe they should be looking at fixing those before they pass this rule and someone gets pitched out of their cart into oncoming traffic along Stonewall and Lanier.
Plus, what do you do when you reach the stretches around Jordan Salvage and the sidewalk is covered in their "wares". Walking along there is hazardous enough.

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