B-O-O! It’s easy to remember for whom to vote

Voting in a local election can be easy or hard. Easy if you know what is going on and hard if you are not on top of all the details.

As is the case with national elections, we need to get rid of the entrenched incumbents who have long lost the best interests of the locals.

The Fayette elections are in need of the same purging. We got rid of some in 2010 and now is the time to finish the job.

We are, of course, not voting for those with “incumbent” next to their names, but there is a stealth incumbent, Jack Smith, who recently served, but is returning. It is as simple as BOO.

Vote for the two gentlemen with the “O” names in Posts 1 and 3. In the other vote for the B candidate, Mr. Barlow.

Simple as B-O-O!

Bill Webster
Peachtree City, Ga.

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Bill Webster Is Right - Remember B-O-O

I've been to several of the local debates where our commission candidates participated.

Jack Smith, Robert Horgan, and Lee Hearn had absolutely nothing new to say. It was the same rhetoric we've been hearing from them for the past 6 years.

Surely to goodness, after we voted Mr. Smith out of office in 2010 he could have come up with something new to try and persuade us to vote for him again. However, he didn't. It was all about him and what he HAD ALREADY DONE TO FAYETTE COUNTY.

Mr. Horgan keeps telling us that he is the only "independent" commissioner. That simply IS NOT TRUE! I have attended 99.9% of all commission meetings since 2008. I have not once observed Mr. Horgan voting in opposition to Jack Smith, when he was Chairman, or current Chairman Herb Frady.

It is the same with Mr. Hearn. Absolutely nothing new. And, again, Mr. Hearn continually votes with Frady and Horgan.

It is more than obvious that if we vote for Smith, Hearn, and Horgan we are only going to get exactly what they've dished out over the last 6 years.

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I just voted!

I did NOT vote for Smith...I did NOT for for Horgan. I did vote for Barry Marchman. My son is comming home from college to do the same. (no cowbell/Smolla he didn't flunk out as you hoped in your email)

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