Senoia Subway suspect snags workers’ tips

Senoia Subway suspect snags workers’ tips

Anybody recognize this guy? The unidentified person in the picture was caught on camera taking money from the tip jar at the Subway store on Ga. Highway 16 in Senoia on July14 at approximately 5:30 p.m. The Senoia Police Dept. is asking for the public’s assistance in identifying this person. If you have information concerning his identity please contact Det. Lt. Jason Ercole at 770-599-3256, Ext. 107. Photo/Special.

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Just a thought...

You're right about the photo quality... so what I have to say is probably useless but it sort of looks like he's holding a debit/credit card to pay with. Can't they check the time stamps on the tape and compare them to the names on the credit card receipts?

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Let's make a fortune....

Anybody want to make a fortune? Sell security cameras that actually take good video and photos of suspects in criminal cases.

Don't we all have cellphones and point and shoot cameras that take dramatically better photos than this?

Something to think about.

I can't recognize that guy, but the lanyard around his neck would be a great clue if only we could read what it says.

Is there a better image than this?

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