F’ville cops arrest 4 burglary suspects

The Fayetteville Police Department has announced the arrest of four people for a reported residential burglary Wednesday on Keaton Drive.

On July 21 the Fayetteville Police Department received a 911 call of a possible burglary on Keaton Drive, said department spokesperson Steve Crawshaw. Officers found that someone had attempted to enter the home through a window. While investigating the case Officers received information from neighbors, including a description of the vehicle and people involved, said Crawshaw.

Crawshaw said police stopped a car in the area of Keaton Drive. There were three adult males and one juvenile male in the car. A stolen gun from Henry County was found in the car, said Crawshaw.

Further investigation indicated that the four attempted to gain entry into a home on Keaton Drive, Crawshaw said.
Crawshaw said those arrested included:

-Quinton Deanthony Jackson, 27, from Atlanta, Georgia - charged with criminal attempted burglary and theft by receiving stolen property.
-Jermist Djon Russell, 22, from Ellenwood, Georgia - charged with criminal attempted burglary and theft by receiving stolen property.
-Jewel Francis Hatch, 21, from Indianapolis, Indiana - charged with criminal attempted burglary, theft by receiving stolen property and possession of burglary tools.
-juvenile, 15, of Fayetteville - charged with criminal attempted burglary and theft by receiving stolen property.

Crawshaw said further charges may be pending.

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Thank you

Thank you F.C.P.D for being on your toes, once again.
I am also writing here as I need help in finding where to click on here to post a new comment,free speech. I am not familiar with the new format yet and need you to just show me where to begin.Thanks...but I am genuine in thanking our local police dept. ! Hurrah for them!

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Here is how I access Free Speech. There might be a quicker way, but this is how I do it.

On the Home Page, scroll down to the "Opinion" banner and click on "Free Speech" in the blue field of the banner.

On the next screen, click on either "Read More"(in red) at the end of the text for 6/23/10 or click on "17 Comments" (in blue, just below that).

On the next screen, scroll down to the end of the text to just above the first blogger comments and click on "Log in". Sign in and speak away.

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What has 6/23 got to do with anything---that is just the last time Cal printed "Free Speech."

Simply send an e-mail to editor@the citizennews.com, with a subject of "Free Speech."

Maybe all she wants to do is do a forum or a blog! That doesn't take a month.

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Nice Work,F'ville Police!

Joe Kawfi
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Thank you Fayetteville Police Department

Another great job by the Fayetteville Police Department.

Let's hope that all 4 criminals receive maximum jail time for their actions.

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Joe Kawfi

Sorry but we don't have enough judges left to ever get to these "kids." Well they would be kids if they were causcasian! Or, just caught in an abandoned sub-division wrestling.