It’s smart to fund PTC’s DAPC position

Upon reading Mayor Haddix’s letter to The Citizen June 23, 2010 edition titled, “Mayor: Honest differences of opinion exist about budget solutions,” I was very unhappy with the votes of council members Imker, Fleisch and Learnard against Mayor Haddix and Councilman Sturbaum’s proposal to increase the DAPC’s annual budget from $35,000 to $150,000.

Council members Imker, Fleisch and Learnard believe we (Peachtree City) cannot afford it. I wholeheartedly disagree with that response and agree with Mayor Haddix that we cannot afford not to do it.

The DAPC is Peachtree City’s development authority for new businesses and jobs. New businesses and jobs are key components to Peachtree City’s revenues, economic health and fulfillment of the Master Plan, which is good for our quality of life and our property values. In addition, this would add to our revenues while easing some of the pressure to cut services and raise property taxes.

Increasing the capability and capacity of the DAPC is an investment in Peachtree City’s existing economy and our future growth. Council members Imker, Fleisch and Learnard chose to defeat this proposal because, in their opinions, there are higher priorities in Peachtree City.

Mayor Haddix articulated quite well in his article the benefits of the DAPC, the importance of new business growth in Peachtree City and what the current situation is concerning the DAPC, FCDA and new census tract initiatives. I would encourage both Mayor Haddix and Councilman Sturbaum to continue with these efforts.

Council members Imker, Fleisch and Learnard:

• Do you understand that increasing new business growth, jobs and revenues is beneficial for Peachtree City and our home values? That makes it a high priority.

• Running city government involves both cost efficiency improvements and revenue growth. Where do you believe the revenue growth is going to come from without new businesses and new jobs? There is only one place it can come from: raising our taxes.

During these tough economic times, we need all of our City Council members to be focusing on how to grow our business revenues and jobs — not just our taxes.

Stephen Allen

Peachtree City, Ga.

Mike King
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Mr Allen

During times other than an economic recession I would agree with you on premise. Currently as our town strives to make ends meet is no time to add yet another $100K staffer whose efforts may well not come to fruition for years. For those who would counter that this position is not a six figure salary, I would ask them to include the benefits associated with the position.

I do agree that Council should look at alternatives to tax increases like reducing the 63% of revenue that currently goes to payroll. Our mayor is adamant in maintaining the size of city government and has stated that recreation will be the first to be cut should things become more dire.

What has been lost in translation somehow is the ability of young families being able to enroll their kids in Little League, softball, soccer. and lacrosse at reasonable rates. Somehow those standing firm on growing government at the expense of the citizens have lost sight of what brought my family and many others to Peachtree City in the first place. DAPC funding is not the answer, but a symptom of city spending that is out of control.

This city would do well by eliminating each of the contracted 'staffers' that our mayor is bent on protecting. After all, a savings of close to a million bucks would go a long way toward the city's budget woes.

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You and I and a few others can repeat how eventually the cuts must be made, but the powers that be have already committed far too far to change course.
I don't know who some of the people are who are constantly worried about the protection of the head count. Some cops, firemen, some family, some politicians, etc., would cover a few of them, I suppose.
It will be BAAAAD next time.
They are hoping for state or Washington grants from taxes but that is also a dead horse now. Worse to get next year.

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Agreed, Mike King

Going after REC with ever increasing user fees(that don't even begin to cover the deficits forthcoming) is no different than a tax increase, it's just a politician's cop-out to say "well, only the people who use these services pay." BS. If u don't want to wreck what makes PTC special, you don't go down the path of pricing everyone out of the amenities that people moved here for(and in some cases, have already been paying for)

If PTC was a corporation with stockholders, it is crystal-clear that the FIRST place to cut is going to be in personnel costs. That's how business operates and that is what stockholders/investors demand.

The citizens of PTC are the stakeholders and I'll be damned if I think PTC should start offering an inferior product to make ends meet when personnel is off the table, save the purge of the twenty three in PW(lowest paid in the city to boot)for grass cutting.

I don't this Council realizes what fiscal responsibility means and how it can be a NASTY job to do sometimes. They all knew when they ran for office that the City's finances were in poor, time to do something about it instead of hoping for a new SPLOST to magically wipe away the blunders of the past or try to soak the citizens further.

I am not opposed to the DAPC position if cuts in other personnel through either job eliminations or reductions in pay are used in conjunction with it. That includes EVERY aspect of the City; no off-limits departments or individuals.

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I agree Mike

What is the DAPC (Peachtree City) going to do with the staff person? It's my understanding that FCDA (Fayette County) handles all the new industry coming into the county. Are we going to be duplicating the effort at twice the price?

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DAPAC to do what?

I answered the phone at the company & a very nice, very young sounding girl ask if the company was planning any expansion or planning to move somewhere else in PTC. Seems to make more cents (sic) to chip in w/ the county & get more bang for the buck. The city already duplicates Fire/EMS & rec. I still don't understand the tourism but at least that looks like it got pared back.

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