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Who is this man? Sign grabber caught on video

A candidate for the Post 1 seat on the Fayette County Board of Education said a video camera has captured the image of someone who took one of his campaign signs ... and from the candidate's home in Tyrone, no less.

Barry Marchman provided the video to The Citizen which shows what appears to be a bespectacled white male pulling the sign up from the ground. While the video quality is not high-definition by any means, it provides enough detail to likely identify the culprit.

The video was captured by a video camera designed to capture wildlife which is often referred to as a "game cam."

Marchman is running against fellow Post 1 candidate Scott Hollowell to fill a four year-term as one of five members on the Fayette County Board of Education.

The video in its entirety can be viewed on The Citizen's Facebook page at The direct link to the Facebook-posted video is:



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