Parade marred by missles, insults

July 4th is an important day to help children respect and embrace our country’s freedom and independence. But that’s not the lesson children got at the Peachtree City Parade.

I was with a group of 16 individuals in a Vote Obama entry in the parade. Six of us are from Peachtree City, the rest from Fayette County.

We are your neighbors. We are also volunteers. We do not represent any commercial or organizational interest, so we spent our own money on our balloon sculpture, our decorations, and the 700 Mardi Gras necklaces we gave to your children.

In appreciation for our participation in this celebration, we were booed, jeered, insulted, and targeted for thrown objects.

To those of you who did clap, cheer, or were simply polite — thank you.

July 4th is about freedom and independence. I am sad the children at the PTC parade got a lesson in intolerance and disrespect.

Irene Cheyne

Tyrone, Ga.

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The 4th of July is a holiday

The 4th of July is a holiday celebrating the birth of our nation as independent. Yes politics are relevant obviously, but personal agenda seeking opportunists using it to campaign for their own gain just doesn't seem right for some reason. It's like going to your kids elementary school to see a Christmas play about the birth of Christ and being met by Jehovah's Witnesses (you can substitute someone else here if you'd rather) at the door handing out literature.

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The other side

I was glad to see the representation by the Democratic Party in PTC. Even if you disagree with their views, you need to respect the policital process. Shooting silly string and throwing objects at participants must not be tolerated. It is not free speech.

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the problem is

that it seems ok that a kid shoots silly string at the Obama contingent, and everyone "high fives" him. Sure he has a right to free speech, but so do I. But as is obvious in these posts, you can exercise free speech with dignity or with total ignorant disrespect, like the "bedwetting liberals" comment. I am a moderate liberal. I have not "wet my bed" since I was probably 2 years old. But a parent that teaches total lack of respect, like the father of the 12 year old, is a moron. I don't like the Teaparty, but when their float came through, I neither jeered nor applauded. I simply, respectfully, watched it pass. Maybe I should have shot silly string at it.
When I was in 7th grade JFK was assassinated. I will never forget a classmate saying "I'm glad he's dead, my parents hate him." REALLY!! My parents, staunch Republicans, mourned the death of our President. My classmate only echoed an uniformed, uneducated, rude, disgusting postion. He simply shot verbal silly string at a parade float, with no understanding as to why, and NO respect for our forefathers who fought to protect his right to do so.
If you want to win me over, try an intelligent, respectful discussion, instead of the verbal "bedwetting" you sent out.

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Irene, are you against free speech?

You excercised free speech by participating in the parade and other people excercised their free speech by booing Obama because he has done such a crappy job of 'leading' the country.

You bedwetting liberals are only in favor of free speech for people that agree with you. Get a life. You are going to be very disappointed in November when Obama loses the election.

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While no fan of our President either, any treatment short of respectful is wrong. Throwing things back at parade floats was downright rude and obnoxious. But I can promise you if another polarizing figure like say, a Newt Gingrich float went through a primarily black Democratic area, his treatment would border on savagery and possibly turn into a riot.

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No respect for Obama supporters.

You are confusing Obama supporters with President Obama. The office of the President deserves respect even if you disagree with him and his policies or even dislike him personally. No such respect is warranted for the ordinary people of this country who actually voted for this person and put him in office. Those that were interviewed after voting and talked about Obamamoney (not knowing where it came from). Some talked about not worrying about car and house payments now that their man was elected. A few even talked about retributions against "Whitey" and they didn't mean Bulger. And of course the 90% of black voters that supported him were simply voting for a skin color preference.

Mindless twits like that could be excused the first time around - especially those that turned out in huge numbers to register and vote in their first election. Fine, they were entitled to their vote back then when "hope and change" was mostly undefined.BUT NOT NOW! Not after almost 4 years of complete incompetence - 2 of which he had a Democrat controlled Congress and still nothing meaningful passed or adopted - not even a budget! President Obama is very clear that he despises big business, wealthy individuals and is all in on the class warfare game. So if you supported Obama the first time around and have decided that he has failed as perhaps our worst President ever, fine, you only made one mistake and I forgive you and even respect you for paying attention.

But if you are openly supporting the idea that this devious community activist deserves another 4 years to "fundamentally transform this country" some more - I do not respect you or your opinion. If you choose to put your misguided beliefs on display in the July 4th parade, I question your judgement. And those of you that brought your kids and put them on display in the Obama contingent - shame on you. Speaking of kids, how are their job prospects under another 4 years of Obama? Real unemployment rate is about 15% and 20% is achievable for the food stamp president.

That being said, it does not excuse the silly string kid or his high-fiving father. I doubt that either one of them had the maturity or judgement to single out the Obama supporters or Mr. Pressberg because of their political shortcomings. They were just a boy and his dad enjoying their day just like two 5 year olds.

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Quote: a Newt Gingrich float

a Newt Gingrich float went through a primarily black Democratic area, his treatment would border on savagery and possibly turn into a riot.

A primarily black area in Los Angeles is represented by a 'white' politician (given - a Democrat) - and no savagery is displayed.) Sad that disrespect is tolerated. Grateful that there are those who,like Matthewsdaddy, are raising American citizens who respect different opinions.

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Missiles and Insults and Jeers, Oh My


I heartily applaud your bravery, considering that Jesus of Nazareth could not get elected here running as a Democrat. And there is always next year to look forward to.......

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Re: Parade marred

Although I managed to sit through the parade without booing a single candidate or organization I disagree with, I think I'd probably expect some booing if I marched in a pro-Obama entry in Fayette County. It's not classy, but some people do get that riled up. Throwing anything is uncalled for, though. And if it some kid got "confronted" for spraying a parade participant with silly string, good.

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Not loved in the parade

Well,you must be terribly naive to not realize that FC is a mostly Republican enclave--not to say that your treatment was civil or deserved, but you should not have expected to be cheered, especially when we are all experiencing an administration that has failed in many aspects. Note that you don't mention that one of your adult participants physically confronted a child because of a 'silly string' launching in his direction. Now that's really a lesson on how to win the hearts and minds of the voting public.

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Obama float

Presburg from the Board of Ed was one of the Obama people in the parade. How did we ever get him on that Board?

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The Parade

Irene, while I wholeheartedly agree with your comments about not making the participants fear injury or harm, your expectation that they remain silent or be "respectful" is unreasonable. Free speech is a two way street, and booing is speech just as much as riding a float. Is it the most classy form? No, not hardly.

yada yada yada wrote:

Presburg from the Board of Ed was one of the Obama people in the parade. How did we ever get him on that Board?

Because he wasn't running for President??? Because someone can be a dem/rep and still have unique ideas about how the local school system should be run?? Because it's not required that "I voted for _____" be listed by your name on the ballot???

Sorry, but your rebuttal lacks teeth...