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Court overturns West Village annexation

The May 2007 annexation that allowed up to 1,075 homes in Peachtree City’s West Village is void because it violated Georgia law, the Georgia Court of Appeals has ruled.

That means the land will revert back to its original jurisdiction

of being in unincorporated Fayette County. And the city’s conceptual approval of 475 single family homes and a 662 unit age restricted senior subdivision for the property is null and void.

It also endangers the extension of MacDuff Parkway, which was to be funded in a joint effort between John Wieland Homes and initially Levitt and Sons before that company bowed out of the project. The Levitt property is still under the control of developer Brent Scarbrough, who has announced plans to seek other companies to build the senior housing component.

It is not immediately known if the current City Council would be willing to either challenge the lawsuit or be willing to annex the property under similar circumstances. But several council members, when seeking election, have said large-scale residential annexations such as the one in question are detrimental and too costly to the city.



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