Fayette Commission, F’ville Council to hold joint annexation workshop Tuesday

It’s being called a workshop, but the joint meeting at 5:30 this Tuesday afternoon is all about lights, cameras and interlocking governmental action to be taken by the Fayetteville City Council and the Fayette County Commission.

With the massive annexation of hundreds of acres of mostly undeveloped rural land in the middle of the county as close to a done deal as such requests can get, the two governing boards are meeting to get their respective ducks in a public row and to put a cooperative face on the Pinewood Atlanta Studios project.

While projected to bring potentially thousands of jobs connected with the nuts and bolts of producing movies and television shows into Fayette County, the studio has some large coattails not directly associated with movies or TV. (Earlier stories are here, here and here.)

In addition to the 289 acres associated with the studio complex itself on Sandy Creek Road and Veterans Parkway, owners of another 170 acres are asking for Planned Community Development (PCD) zoning.

The others properties requesting PCD zoning include the the 97-acre parcel directly to the south owned by Shirley Adams Horton, the 28-acre parcel that includes the former Rivers Elementary School soon to be purchased by Rivers Rock/Pinewood for use as an educational component by the studio and the adjacent 44-acre property owned by Rivers Rock/Pinewood. Those properties total 459 acres.

But an even larger component of the annexation is at least initially slated for residential (R-70) city zoning, an aspect that has begun to create some uncertainty among neighbors about future plans for the large parcels not owned by the developers or Pinewood Studios.

The remaining properties with multiple owners and totaling 727 acres are situated to the east, southeast and southwest of the Pinewood area and are currently mapped for R-70 zoning with no immediate plans for development.

Those properties include parcels along Ga. Highway 54 extending from east of Sandy Creek Road to Tyrone Road and along both sides of Veterans Parkway from Hwy. 54 to Sandy Creek Road.

The joint meeting agenda below indicates that the public may get a more detailed view of what will happen not just to the movie studio project but also to the hundreds of acres of adjacent parcels that will be coming into the city.

Here’s that agenda:

City of Fayetteville/Fayette County Called Work Session
Fayette County Commission Chambers
West Fayetteville/Pinewood Atlanta Annexations
July 9, 2013
5:30 p.m.

1. Call to Order — Fayette County Commission Chairman Steve Brown

2. Opening Comments — Fayette County Commission Chairman Steve Brown and Fayetteville Mayor Greg Clifton

3. History and Overview of West Fayetteville Area — Matt Forshee, President and CEO, Fayette County Development Authority (FCDA)

4. West Fayetteville Master Plan Update — Aaron Daily, Historical Concepts

5. Annexation Process Update and Overview of Intergovernmental Agreement Between City of Fayetteville and Fayette County — Brian Wismer, Fayetteville Director of Community Development and Pete Frisina, Fayette County Director of Planning and Zoning

6. Public Comments

7. Closing Comments — Fayette County Commission Chairman Steve Brown and Fayetteville Mayor Greg Clifton

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Annexation requests to PCD and R-70

There is a one year wait time from annexation to apply for a rezone request, so they all are jumping in now, as part of the annexation.

If these other property owners don't do it now, they all have to wait a year. The developer carrot is hanging over them right now. They want to buy and build while the interest rates are low. Who knows where they will be a year from now. Does that sound about right?

Husband and Fat...
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Best Choice to wait and see

Pinewood Studios may be a good short term investment that is supplying construction jobs for Group VI along with its subcontractors and vendors, but the studio itself will not become the long term solution to our tax base except if you ask the studio and its investors receiving your state subsidies (welfare). It is therefore unwise, to jump into any zoning change approvals until such time that the Pinewood is operational and turning a profit. How many fiscal conservatives invest in companies that base their business model on welfare? Fayette Counties long term planning should not be compromised for a temporary tax relief. Did we not learn anything from the Rivers fiasco concerning the building based on speculation?
Studios are being constructed all over the state and country because states are providing subsidies (welfare) to producers. Today, 44 states offer subsidy (welfare) compared to only a handful in 2002. Competition is fierce and therefore no state can win the subsidy (welfare) war. The producers have brokers that are going to select the location that provides them the best deal regardless of location. According to the Budget and Policy Priorities study on film subsides, there is not much bang for the buck. The median state gives producers 25 cents for every dollar of production expense. Massachusetts lost $88K in tax revenue for every new job created by its tax credit. Seven states have started to cut back on their programs and investing their money into something permanent. We would be better served if we invested in education, job training, and infrastructure. I would tend to bet that the State Tea Party ( Not the FC Tea Party) would confirm that the subsidies could be spent in a better fashion than the film industry.
Film companies typically import and export their staff. The best jobs go to non-residents. The local jobs they create (hairdressers, sound techs, security, electricians, carpenters) are mostly temporary (hired thru the union or by each project) and thus unlikely to build the foundations of strong economic development in the long term.
I find it strange, that our Tea Party backed commission, is placing all of their eggs in a basket for a business that is subsidized by our own tax dollars and will run to the next town who provides more incentives. Why in the world would anyone change their long term zoning plans for something temporary? The smartest thing our leaders can do is wait this out.

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Joint Meeting - No not that type of joint

44 states have some financial incentives for the movie industry. Many states also have been cutting back on the incentives because they are finding out that the payoffs were not profitable in job creation or added business. What happens when the Tea Party starts digging into these government incentives and proves that the states need to spend the incentives on alternate more profitable jobs? Bob Ross, how about you dig into this for a few weeks and get back to us? (I'm sure you will find something good so you can watch Steves back)

When the states finally do cut back, do you think the studios will be ready for this or will they shut down like they did in Michigan when they couldn't fill the space and turn a profit.

Everyone wants to make a bundle at the studios. Heck, McCarty had his granddaughter at the last commission meeting getting her prepared for the riches that come with the studios. Cal, how about a little investigative reporting and find out what kind of careers and salaries come from the newer and existing studios built around the country. Lets see if the tax projections are realistic or just a temporary infusion made by developers and politicians looking for the short term.

I have a better idea than going hog wild changing the zoning on this land into PCD's. Stop. Wait and see. Build it and they will come certainly works in the movies (Field of Dreams). But it didn't with our last venture with the schools.

I thought we learned this when we had to close Rivers. What happened to Mr. Brown requiring all developers to provide an educational impact study? I guess it would be nice to see how many kids we will have to bus or do we just build another school at the BOE land close by?

Lets not make the same mistake twice just because we have a lot of star gazers.

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Joint Meeting

I guess this is the meeting where city and county officials band together to push for the PCD's as the greatest thing since sliced bread.

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"Joint" Meeting?

Was Robert Horgan invited? :)

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Perhaps he will show up

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H & F, Horgan & Joint Meeting

Yeah, maybe he and Lee Hearn will do a duet WHINE!

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Can't wait to see how they tiptoe around this. I am sure some of the neighbors who helped these guys get elected feel like they are thrown under the bus.


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