School board has used new schools as ‘battering ram’ to land use plan

Controversy about the last school board building program continues with issues related to the placement and number of schools being constructed.

First, board records (CitiGroup Prospectus 2005) show that the system administration and school board were planning to build schools with a capacity of 3,000 more students than would be enrolled.

That number is equal to three elementary schools and one middle school. This means that the cost to operate these schools is paid entirely by local taxpayers.

Second, the location of the schools away from population centers makes no sense. That is, until you place them on an overlay of the current Fayette County Land Use Plan.

Inman, Rivers and the proposed sixth high school are all located in low density residential or rural areas. This means that the only way these schools will be filled with students is to change the land use plan or to transport them from population centers.

The school board, by its actions, can now be used as the battering ram to significantly alter the land use plan in wide parts of the county. It is not surprising that people are angry.

The overbuilding and placement of the schools are the result of a “development regardless of the consequences philosophy” that dominates the board through [Board Chair Terri] Smith and [Board member Janet] Smola.

A vote for their candidate, my phantom opponent [Charlie Cave] will guarantee a continuation of this philosophy on the board.

A vote for me, the incumbent, will bring about a return to responsible planning along with fiscal accountability, both needed changes.

This is a most significant school board election and I am asking for your vote in the July 20 Republican Primary.

Dr. Bob Todd, member

Fayette County Board of Education

Fayetteville, Ga.

John Adams
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Message for Dr. Todd

Exodus 23:1
Do not spread false reports. Do not help a wicked man by being a malicious witness.

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Message For Mrs.Smola

"non loqueris contra proximum tuum falsum testimonium"

commandment 9: (Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor!)

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John Adams

I think that needs to be redirected to the obvious wicked person who sucks people into their email tree.

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This is low, even for Smola/Smith supporters

Do you have any proof he's lying? Please don't use the Bible to tarnish an honest man's reputation; it's offensive and not at all Christian.

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School Board's Battering Ram

The shady dealings that have permeated the leadership of Terri Smith and Janet Smola have been a concern of many folks in Fayette County.

In fact there have many people convinced that there is a connection between Terri Smith's seat on the School Board and the County Commissioners' construction of the West Fayetteville Bypass.

So, here it is. Terri Smith and Janet Smola are capable of manipulating the Fayette County Land Use Plan with their MANDATE of school placement policies. At last, we know.

Thank you, Dr. Todd. No matter what happens during and after this race, you will have our support. Please check out our candidates websites. - -

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Move Burch to Rivers!

Rivers Elementary school should be used for the current Burch elem. Since we are squeezed into an overcrowded school now, moving just all the staff and students would make sense. Obviously, the school board doesn't like the common sense way. No new bus routes would be needed and people would probably move into the area if they new would be able to attend a new school rather than an overcrowded one. Then move Tyrone elem over to Burch school to let them expand. Then move the Mainstay over to Tyrone facility. Most people I talk to only know what you print in paper and what our wonderful board members tell them. They do not realize that Burch has well over 700 students in a building built for only 500. Yet our teachers are forced to teach in such conditions! I hope that other parents will step up and let our school board know how we feel about what goes on up in North Fayette.

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Dr. Todd, Thank You

for having the courage to say what a lot of folks have suspected and known for a long time. We are behind you, Dr. Todd. You have my support and my entire family's support. Again, a great big THANK YOU!

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