Here’s idea for BP: Use a giant concrete funnel

Day 71 ... The Plight of the Pelican ... The Mess in the Marshes ... The Tarring of the Turtles ... Have you sent your idea to stop the oil spill to BP yet? I have, but they never acknowledged receiving it, so, allow me to present it to you:

First of all, clear away all equipment from the broken pipe. Next, construct an enormously large, heavy, concrete reinforced funnel, with the large ring having sharp, narrow, edges. Place this funnel over the broken pipe, upside down, with hopes that the sharp narrow ring will sink into the mud, to form a seal. Next, construct a mile-long pipe, to fit over the gushing oil flow exiting from the small end of the funnel. (This may sound ridiculous, but they would have to have such a pipe, to collect the oil, would they not?)

People are suggesting that our President should take over the spill, and send in the military. If our astronauts were marooned in space, our military could not get them down. You would have to depend on the people, and equipment, that put them in space. Same scenario with the oil spill. We are at the mercy of the people who dug the hole. If you have a suggestion of how to end this spill, let it be known to BP.

It seems that no one is asking The Supreme Being to stop the oil flow. Could it be that certain errors, caused by us humans, has to be corrected by the ones that caused it?

Hugh Buchanan

Peachtree City, Ga.

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Mr. Buchannan: big funnel

I hate to burst bubbles sir, but the first thing that would happen is that the extreme pressures would blow whatever mud away under the funnel and come out there just as it does now around the current cap. without a blowout preventer to adjust for gasses and varying pressures there is no hope to use such a simple gadget!
Maybe if such a funnel as large as the Hoover Dam could be fitted over the hole...............The thing is all worked up now I'm afraid and would just leak around the current four mile long pipe under the current BOP!
I really have no faith in the so-called 2nd and third drill holes to plug it either.
I suspect BP will try to "capture" much of it eventually (not all) and we will accept that and take over the bills---unlike Katrina. Anything they do will probably be temporary anyway.
They were warned for 40 years and the polluters have been also!

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