Commission candidate Barlow: ‘Will vote NO on T-SPLOST’

Recently, the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce asked each candidate to provide answers to questions regarding important local issues and Comcast videotaped the comments. The video will be broadcast over Comcast channel 25 and a link to the video will be posted on the Chamber’s website. I feel the questions are important and will post the one question and my answer to each over the next 4 weeks.

“What is the highest priority transportation improvement project, either locally or in the region, that you feel is most critical to Fayette County and how should it be funded”?

I’d like to consult with Mr. Phil Mallon, our County Engineer and Sheriff Wayne Hannah for their opinions and traffic counts, but one is certainly the Ga. Highway74 – I-85 interchange in south Fulton County and the EFB within the county.

There are funds allocated to the interchange project now, and TIA funds will be available if the July 31st referendum passes.

I will vote NO for T-SPLOST because I believe the region would be paying far too much money for much too little congestion relief. T-SPLOST is nothing more than a tax trap.

David Barlow
Candidate, Fayette Board of Commissioners
Tyrone, Ga.

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Good for you, Mr. Barlow

It's a funny thing that candidates who will admit that they are in favor of the TSPLOST are scarcer than hens' teeth. Fayette County is solidly against it. In order not to be politically unpopular, they say that they haven't made up their minds as to how they will vote on it. At the June 5 commissioners debate,even candidate Jack Smith, a Fayette representative who voted for the project list when he was a commissioner and one of the Fayette County Roundtable representatives, said that he had not made up his mind. Attendees indicated that they were overwhelmingly against it.

It doesn't look as though the TSPLOST proponents are having much success getting that project endorsed by any of the current candidates.


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Just To Be Clear Mr. Barlow

There are no funds allocated for the GA74/I-85 interchange. There is a budget figure for the project but THERE ARE NO FUNDS ALLOCATED FOR THE PROJECT. Unless the TSPLOST passes, we are unlikely to see that project come to fruition for 20+ years.

It may be of interest to voters to know that you will vote against the TSPLOST but, just so you're clear, the TSPLOST will come for a vote of the people the same day you do so, other than your one vote, you have no say whatsoever on the TSPLOST. Maybe you should concentrate on issues that you could possibly impact if you are elected.

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