Counting car tags at Fayetteville’s Pavilion: 1/3 Clayton, 1/3 Fayette

There is little doubt that the 1.53 million square-foot Fayette Pavilion brings a wealth of shoppers to Fayetteville. But where do those shoppers come from? Based on a June 25 survey by The Citizen, the answer is Fayette, Clayton and Fulton counties with a sprinkling of shoppers from a host of other counties across metro Atlanta and beyond.

The Citizen decided to try to answer the question of just where shoppers at the Pavilion might call home. Though not intended to be an all-encompassing review, the June 25 survey included a sampling of 467 vehicles for which the county of registration could be determined.

Of the 467 vehicles surveyed, 161 were from Fayette County and 152 were from Clayton County. Of the total number of vehicles counted, that translates into 34.4 percent from Fayette and 32.5 percent from Clayton. So vehicles from Fayette and Clayton represented roughly two-thirds of those counted.

Coming in third place was Fulton County with 73 vehicles, or 15.6 percent.

But there was more to the story. It was not unexpected that the majority of vehicles would come from the three-county area. But who would expect that the remaining 17.5 percent of the vehicles counted June 25 would come from 24 other counties?

A breakdown by county showed 22 from Henry, 14 from Coweta, 10 from Spalding, seven from DeKalb, five from Cobb, four from Meriwether and two from Ben Hill. And the counties represented with one vehicle each were Barrow, Heard, Carroll, Chatham, Clarke, Telfair, Upson, Pike, Douglas, Lamar, Troup, Gilmer, Harris, Dougherty, Haralson, Rockdale and Gwinnett.

It should be noted that the number of vehicles included in the survey were counted primarily at small to medium sized stores. A maximum of 75 vehicles at the big-box Walmart were included in the count.

Also pertaining to the count, vehicles parked the greatest distance from stores were not counted since employees sometimes park further from stores to give customers easier access.

Also, whether the vehicle’s drivers were all shoppers or a mix of shoppers and store employees could not be determined in this non-scientific survey. And, strictly speaking, a driver who moved from another county in Georgia to Fayette could legally keep the other county’s tag until tag renewal time.

In terms of size and by way of comparison, the Mall of Georgia that draws shoppers from across north Georgia is listed as having 1.78 million square feet.

Uncle Larry
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County Revenue

Hold it Folks! You are forgetting that the Pavilion is generating considerable revenue and jobs for Fayette County. These customers could be spending their money in Clayton or Fulton or other counties but they supporting OUR community, not theirs. Thanks folks for spending your money in Fayette County and helping to keep our unemployment rate down.

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SLOW NEWS DAY IS RIGHT! What is the point of this story? NOTHING! Just like Ben's pointless story about "home schoolers and private school students not affecting the declining enrollment in FCPS" ... these stories only feed needless paranoia and feed the sick desires (obsession?) by some (Cal Beverly?) to convince others that the community is somehow going to hell. AT THE VERY LEAST: If you're going to do a story about who shops at the Pavilion, why not try to explain what it means ... like in TAX DOLLARS generated? This story (as the first comment proves) is just fodder for racists and bigots. Par for the course for this paper lately.

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Counting car tags at Fayetteville’s Pavilion:

Welcome to Crimeville!!!

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On counting cars I agree with Gene61

Look at the armed robberies, car thefts and assaults we have now and compare that to pre-Pavilion days. Our lives were a lot better when we didn't have all the thugs coming into town.

For the record, the survey isn't close to being scientific.

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Welcome to Fayettedale ... may I rob you?

With almost 50% of its patrons being from the counties of Clayton and Fulton, the Pavilion definitely deserves it nickname ... The Ghetto. Couple this article with The Citizen’s story about the Tinseltown attack (only one of many such crime stories over the last few years) and one can easily surmise why shoppers should stay away from that section of the county during the evening hours (or any time for that matter). Newnan is my new shopping destination of choice, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before the thug wanna-be crowd will migrate there.

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Counting cars, eh?

It must have been a slow day at The C. Next time invite roundabout as he does not seem to have enough to do. :-)

The Wedge
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Variation on a theme and song

Forget what we're told; Before we get too old; Show me a garden that's bursting into life; Let's waste time; COUNTING cars; Around our heads

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Wedge: You're a Snow Patrol fan? :)

That is a good song too!

The Wedge
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NUK, yes

I liked that song and the group and that was all I could think about when I first read the article.

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Prestige tags and host of others

that have no county designation are not mentioned at all.

I find it odd that this article ignores them completely since about every 3dr or 4th tag on the road seems to have no visible county designation.

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