Todd: Redistricting email ‘bold-faced lie’

Fayette County Board of Education member Bob Todd.

Controversial in its intent or not, a June 19 email from Peachtree City attorney and HighGrove subdivision resident Doug Warner over past actions and

supposed future plans by Post 4 Fayette County Board of Education incumbent Bob Todd has found its way into numerous inboxes across the county.

For his part, Todd made no mystery that he takes exception to the contents of the email, including calling one of Warner’s assertions a “bold-faced lie.”

“Bob Todd, who has teamed up with Steve Brown, voted against keeping HighGrove at Starr’s Mill, and he plans to move both HighGrove and Whitewater (subdivisions) to Whitewater High School and Middle School. All of HighGrove should be voting against Bob Todd and in favor of Charlie Cave. Make sure all of the moms know this,” Warner’s email read.

Contacted Friday, Warner said his position in the email is based on a Dec. 17, 2007 vote by Todd on elementary school redistricting. Todd was one of those in the 3-2 vote that opposed the redistricting proposal.

“Most parents (at HighGrove) want their children to stay where they are at the Starr’s Mill complex,” Warner said, noting the subsequent progression of elementary students to middle and high schools. “The 3-2 vote to approve the (redistricting) plan kept HighGrove students at Starr’s Mill.”

As for his suggestion that HighGrove residents should cast their vote for Post 4 challenger Charlie Cave, Warner said he had heard from unnamed sources that Todd was planning to have HighGrove and Whitewater students redistricted to Whitewater Middle and High.

Warner added that he had not spoken to Todd about what his sources were saying.

“His vote in the past speaks loudly. I’m looking at the record,” Warner said, adding that Todd’s past vote is his single issue in the school board election and that he has no reason to believe that Todd would not “go there again.”

Contacted about the issues contained in Warner’s email, Todd said he did vote “no” on the elementary school boundary map that came before the board in December 2007. He cited two reasons for his opposition. Todd prefaced his statements by noting that, though Warner may not be aware, the elementary school boundary map pertained to schools countywide and had nothing to do with one or more particular areas within the school district.

Todd said he opposed the measure because it did nothing to resolve the situation at the former East Fayette elementary and, at that time, there were not enough students (south of Fayetteville) to justify opening Inman Elementary.

Second, Todd said, the boundary map did nothing to relieve the overcrowding at Burch Elementary even though there was available space at Cleveland Elementary and other elementary schools on the north side of the county.

Essentially, said Todd in reference to Warner’s statement, the boundary map had no effect on the Starr’s Mill complex of schools or the Goza Road complex.

“There may have been conversations about a particular issue, but conversations are not the same as a motion that comes before the board for a vote. The final presentation and the motion had nothing to do with (the HighGrove or Whitewater subdivisions),” Todd said. “Why on earth would I or any board member single out a community? Any redistricting plan has to be done within the context of the whole county.”

On the issue of Warner’s assertion that he has future plans to have HighGrove and Whitewater students transfer to the Goza Road complex, Todd said that belief was ill-founded.

“Absolutely not. That is not a board member’s function. That is the function of the superintendent and his or her staff along with the community. Besides, you don’t do spot redistricting,” said Todd, adding that, “There has been no talk of redistricting by the board. That conversation would have to be brought up at a public meeting.”

Todd in his statements broadened his remarks to include any political motivations by others on the school board.

“Redistricting is not an issue in this election due to declining and/or slow growth in student population which is not likely to change in the near future. Apparently it is a desperate last attempt to change the focus from the greatest issue facing the district, the approximate $60 million building and land purchasing boondoggle planned and completed under the leadership of Terri Smith and Janet Smola,” Todd said Monday.

Smith and Smola for several years have teamed up with outgoing member Lee Wright for many 3-to-2 votes that had Todd and member Marion Key on the losing side of the argument.

“The cost of this poor building and financial planning is slowly bringing the district to its knees,” Todd said. “Unless there are significant gains in state revenue, an additional $5-6 million must be taken from the Fiscal Year 2012 budget. This is true since we are spending $5-plus million more than the revenue we will receive in the FY 2011 budget. If citizens of Fayette County are happy with this financial burden, vote for Charlie Cave and continue the Smith-Smola domination of the board.”

Concerning Warner’s statement that Todd had teamed up with Steve Brown, Todd took significant issue with that premise.

“That is a most bizarre assertion since the Board of Commissioners and the School Board are two separate organizations with neither having power over the other. The boards do, from time to time, cooperate on initiatives that benefit the community. To suggest or imply that I will work with any other individual to move students from one school to another is ridiculous and a bold-faced lie,” Todd said Monday afternoon.

”It would be well for the author of this assertion to understand that any current board member, or candidate for the board, who makes promises of this nature is violating board ethics, accreditation standards and state law,” Todd continued. “An individual board member has no authority to meddle in the administrative operation of the system. (Remember Clayton County.) The authority of an individual board member can only be carried out in an open public meeting and with a majority vote.”

The primary election for the post 4 seat of the Fayette County Board of Education between Bob Todd and Charlie Cave will be held July 20.

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I'm Working On It

Mr. Warner, aren't you the lawyer who has negotiated property settlements with the County? Have you or have you not negotiated property settlements between the county and folks living along the West Fayetteville Bypass? Inquiring minds want to know, Mr. Warner. I challenge you to give me an answer, Mr. Warner.

It seems to me that Smith and Smola got no where when they tried to tie up Dr. Todd in the comments to his articles and now they are trying a new tactic.

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Attorney Doug Warner ran from Peachtree City, thank God!

Warner was one of the development authority creeps who got into a lot of trouble in Peachtree City.

He high-tailed it out of Peachtree City because of it too. Now he's getting into trouble over at High Grove. People of High Grove when Doug Warner says "had heard from unnamed sources" you had better run as fast as you can!

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The email tree cons

Some people are using email trees to prey on the fears of parents. The Internet is the last great frontier of the con.

People behind these "specialised emails" manipulate their messages to prey on different areas of the county. Each area has a different fear, therefore, must have a separate email tree.

It is sad to say it is no different than the mailings sent to the elderly telling them they are overdue on an urgent bill and unless money is sent immediately, their house will be foreclosed, or their health insurance canceled.

This email about Dr Todd would have been proven incorrect if the question was asked publicly of him.

Dr Todd made himself available to the public at the forum Charlie Cave no showed. Mr Warren could have come and confronted Dr Todd publicly with a question about this. He chose not to.

Dr Todd was later at yet another public meeting of the candidates and again, Mr Warren could have asked Dr Todd the question in public. Again, he chose not to.

Dr Todd has been open and honest.

Some truth.

"Individual board members can not redistrict anyone. The whole board on its own can not redistrict. Redistricting can only be done when the Superintendent and his staff, along with members of the community, including parents, form a group and study the situation. After that the Superintendent and this group plan for and make a recommendation to the board for consideration and vote."

But why wouldn't anyone ask the question of Dr Todd publicly and resort to this sort of tactic.

1st, it is possible, they think you are stupid or don't have time to check it out, or both.

Look at the difference in the two candidates.

Charlie Cave

no college degree

he worked at a bank

Would the bank have entrusted an uneducated person to handled large sums of money?

What kind of background with children's education and welfare does this man bring to the table?


Dr Todd

Over 40 years background in education
Degree in education, Masters, double Masters, (shall I go on?)
State President of Administrators of Exceptional Children
State Director of Directors of Curriculum and Instruction
State Vice President of Georgia School Counselors
State Awards...
Distinguished service for exceptional children
Distinguished service for curriculum and instruction
the list is long...I'll stop here...

Do you understand why you got this email?

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“Bob Todd, who has teamed up with Steve Brown, voted against keeping HighGrove at Starr’s Mill, and he plans to move both HighGrove and Whitewater (subdivisions) to Whitewater High School and Middle School. All of HighGrove should be voting against Bob Todd and in favor of Charlie Cave. Make sure all of the moms know this,” Warner’s email read.

Dr Todd and Steve Brown please sue! The quote states this as fact! you two teamed up? Not only is this an unprovable lie...Dr Todd and Steve Brown should sue and live well!

"he plans to move both HighGrove and Whitewater to Whitewater High School and Middle School."

Dr T has stated plainly that isn't going to happen..

You can't redistrict when you don't have enough kids to fill up what you have! Besides..Dr Todd said that was not on his agenda.

But who's agenda are we talking about? I googled brain child Warner...and this is what I found, among other stuff..

■Bank Of North Georgia
Board Member

I also found this is an umbrella for several smaller banks..I like my bank but it is listed under the umbrella. In the morning ..I'm closing my account! The reason I'm stating is this whole sham. Till they employee people who don't do this, I will not be back. Others might think about doing the same. It is time to clean house.

This little email tree BS has been an outlet for certain fraudulent liars long enough!

The last great frontier of the shysters!

If it were true..don't you think a reputable person would make the remark straight to Dr Todd's face and give him a chance to respond?


Look at who has no background and shouldn't be on the know who I'm talking about...look at who is power hungry and was never anything before. Everyone receiving these emails ..KNOWS..WHO'S EMAIL TREE THIS IS.

and then we have Charlie Cave..

he has no college degree..yet the same people tell you he is better than ..DR... Todd? Why?

What background does Charlie have? Wasn't it a bank with developer ties that got in trouble?

Could he have possibly made money decisions there with no education? Should the same uneducated bank gopher make them for the BOE?

Why would these people try to convince you to make a choice that couldn't possibly benefit your children?

If more land is developed as they wish, would'nt redistricting be the ONLY choice?





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People have known about this email tree for years...

This move is right out of the Smola/Smith handbook. Smear tactics 101. Did anyone else see the ad in the other newspaper last linked Charlie Cave to Jack Smith & Eric Maxwell. What do these clowns have in store for the rest of us? Oh I know, more development and more sticking it to the citizens of Fayette county.
Somebody stop the madness!

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A Lawyer Twisting The Truth: That's Nothing New

So Warner wants all you soccer moms and housewives to vote for a bank teller with no experience in running a school board or even a lemon aid stand and to take the place of a 30 year administrator who helped elevate and maintain Fayette School's system among top third in the state for over twenty years. Dopey lawyer. And who is Charlie Cave? How's he going to go to managing a multi-million dollar budget from managing $500 savings accounts. This ain't no ATM your dealing with, this is our tax dollars and our children's future. Read my exclusive taped interview with Bob Todd on
Talk about school bullies and under the table shenanigans. Bob Todd is a one man crusade against the town crooks. And place your vote while you're at it and see instant results.

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I just read the interview

A gallant and brave man telling the truth! It is so long over due.

I keep thinking about the statement in the Bible, "Cast not your pearls before the swine"

... truly we have.

Dr Todd and our children are our assets. They have really both been plundered!

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Thanks for the Comps:

Thursday, Part 2, will expose more unsavory activity with documents leading to possible legal action. I'm not a detective or lawyer but it sure looks worth pursuing to me.

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excellent interview

Everyone should read it. Looks like the roaches are scrambling now that someone has turned on the lights. Even the Joy Clark person! She's probably sorry she even identified with the roaches!! Just wait until the fumigation part starts!! hahahahahaha!!

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Priceless Wildcat!

I want a front row seat!

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