PTC gets request to annex 77 acres on city’s southside

On 2nd try, developer wants offices, homes across from school complex

The owner of a 77-acre tract just outside south Peachtree City is asking for it to be annexed into the city limits. It’s the second shot at annexation for that property, which has remained undeveloped since its county rezoning 12 years ago.

Southern Pines Plantation Commercial Group of Macon has abandoned a shopping center originally proposed for the site just outside the city and instead wants to develop two office-institutional buildings at the intersection of Ga. Highway 74 and Redwine Road along with a 90-lot single family subdivision with 20,000-square-foot lots.

The development would be accessed at the light for that intersection, according to the proposal SPP submitted to the city.

The proposed office development pitched under the latest annexation proposal from SPP would be “in keeping with the nearby medical offices along Hwy. 74 across from the subject property.”

SPP is proposing to include an amenity center and several “pocket parks” and the subdivision would connect to the adjacent Meade Fields recreation area via cart path.

SPP is also proposing to connect to the Peachtree City Sewer System, which is operated by the Peachtree City Water and Sewer Authority. If that connection is approved, it could ultimately lead to sewer being extended underneath Ga. Highway 74 to two existing office buildings and beyond to what is now a horse farm also located in unincorporated Fayette County.

SPP’s 77 acres is along the western side of Hwy. 74 bordered by the Brechin Park subdivision, also in unincorporated Fayette County, and is also near the Starr’s Mill school campus.

The parcel is currently in unincorporated Fayette County, and in 2009 SPP was unsuccessful in petitioning for annexation of 18 acres to grant sewer access for the shopping center. The site was rezoned by the Fayette County Commission in 2000 for a mix of retail and office uses but no development has since occurred on the site.

The Peachtree City Council is expected to vote in the near future on whether to proceed with a formal staff investigation of the proposal. If SPP gets that green light, staff will look into the matter and citizens will be allowed to provide feedback before the matter comes up for a final council decision.

In 2010, SPP asked the city to annex the entire parcel and rezone it for light industrial use to make way for a company that would be relocating to the area. That project, however, never came to fruition and the property has remained undeveloped.

Robert W. Morgan
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"Never came to fruition" John? Now why was that?

Let's see if we can recall what happened in 2010. Company relocating, our Economic Development Coordinator/mayor negotiated a win/win relocation with clean manufacturing and jobs and everything. Made an announcement it was a done deal. Did he forget anything? Anything at all? Oh yea, the sewer. Who pays for the sewer connection? Company? City? Gee, I don't know.

Now here is a chance to get some more people paying sewer fees which we certainly have the plant capacity to accommodate. Let's be real sure we don't screw this up. Yes to the zoning provided they pay for the sewer connection. Pretty simple. You may want to consider the ramification of the sewer extending further south - like to Brechin Park and see if that is good or bad. If good, please have the smarts to get a tap on fee from resident converting from septic tank in addition to having someone else pay for the extension. You may want to have a professional on staff supervise this instead of --- you know.

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Go Bobby-- more sewer

On your idea, let's just run the damn sewer all the way down to Griffin.

Robert W. Morgan
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No dude, Griffin has its own sewer - actually it is a sewer

Just sayin there is a benefit to PTC if we think this thing through and manage the process professionally and get our best people working on it.

Not sure why anyone thinks building an office building is a good idea right now, but the subdivision certainly works. We have waited them out, they can't build a shopping center on septic, they know we won't allow it on sewer, so a downgraded use like office and residential is fine. It fits in. Let's do it, but do it right.

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