Welcome to new world of ‘trillions’

We have recently been forced to come into contact with a new word: Trillion.

The new math had better prepare itself. It’s easy to spell. Just replace the “M” or the “B” with a “TR.” But do we really know what it means? A trillion is a thousand billion. Not that many of us know the vastness of a billion unless we are the offspring of some Washington politician.

We measure distance in miles. One trillion miles would mean three and one-half million trips to the moon. We measure length in inches. One trillion inches would be roughly the equivalent of 2,000 coast-to-coast trips by car or bus. We measure time in seconds. One trillion seconds would be a time period of more than 30,000 years.

None of this is fathomable, but we face it daily. What is happening to the wonderful way of life that we have enjoyed for so many years? How many generations will it be before our grandchildren (or children) face the next step in our evolution — Quadrillion?

Dick Wanzer

Peachtree City, Ga.

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New book on educating our children

Your explanation of a trillion is coincidental to a new book which indicates that we have stopped teaching our children decent logic or how to explain thing logically and understandable.

I used to know 24 steps in the math of thousand multiples (million, billion, trillion, quadrillion, quintillion, sextillion, etc., that is only six of them.

When Britain speaks of barrels of oil being leaked into the Gulf it is amazing just how many kids and adults don't have any idea how much that is. Currently one hundred thousand (100,000) barrels leaking is 4,200,000 gallons of oil. A barrel in the oil business being 42 gallons approximately. I don't know if barrels of oil are even in use any more!

But the worst offense we have done to our youth especially is teaching them how to explain things clearly as to be understandable.
They simply can not write a full paragraph explaining most things.

A good example: Today a person on TV said if the drilling ban in the Gulf wasn't lifted that all of the wells would be moved to Brazil or someplace very soon.
None of this is true! Six months are needed to make the wells safe for drilling. No company will move such expensive rigs (not to mention the oil in the ground) until that safety occurs.

S. Lindsey
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and speaking of uneducated

this is a fine example of a wasted mind...

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