F’ville gets ready for the movie cameras, prepares to annex 1,200 county acres

Map provided by Fayetteville shows property parcels slated for annexation.

It has been a while coming and the time for what is one of the larger annexations in Fayetteville’s history will come before the Fayetteville City Council Thursday night.

A total of 15 parcels representing nearly 1,200 acres on the city’s northwest side with multiple land owners involved will make the annexation requests. While most are requesting large lot residential zoning, there will be three property owners with 459 acres requesting PCD (Planned Community District) zoning. One of those is the property on which Pinewood Atlanta will be located.

The large acreage includes various properties along Ga. Highway 54 from east of Sandy Creek Road to Tyrone Road and extending north of the intersection of Veterans Parkway and Sandy Creek Road.

Fayetteville Community Development Director Brian Wismer in a June 13 letter said the impetus for the annexation request relates directly to the Pinewood Atlanta studio project.

“The need for sewer service at this location necessitates that the property be located within the city limits to have access to the city’s sewer system,” Wismer said. “Because the studio property is not directly contiguous to the city’s current borders, other parcels must also be annexed to make this direct connection. In addition, the city has received annexation requests from other contiguous property owners.”

The multiple annexations total approximately 1,186 acres contiguous to each other and to the city’s northwest side. Those properties, locations and owners include:

• 290 acres on Sandy Creek Road/Veterans Parkway — Rivers Rock, LLC/Pinewood

• 44 acres on Sandy Creek — ARC Enterprises, LLC

• 28 acres on Sandy Creek — Fayette County School System (Rivers Elementary)

• 117 acres on east side of Veterans Parkway — ARC Enterprises

• 4 acres on east side of Veterans Parkway — Mathew Rivers

• 5 acres on east side of Veterans Parkway — Paul Rivers

• 97 acres on north side of Veterans Parkway — Shirley Adams Horton

• 42 acres on south side of Veterans Parkway — Shirley Adams Horton

• 2 acres on south side of Veterans Parkway — Dawn Horton

• 136 acres west of Veterans Parkway — ARC Enterprises

• 122 acres on Hwy. 54 near Tyrone Road — Lester Family, LTD

• 60 acres west of Veterans Parkway — Fayette County School System

• 57 acres on east and west sides of Veterans Parkway — ARC Enterprises

• 30 acres on south side of Hwy. 54 — Unified Consultants

• 152 acres east of Sandy Creek and north of Hwy. 54 — Johnnie E. and Diane G. Williams

A portion of the properties to be annexed are requesting PCD zoning while the remainder are requesting the city’s large lot residential (R-70) zoning that is equivalent to the comparable county zoning. Parcels totaling 459 acres are requesting PCD zoning while the remaining parcels totaling 727 acres are requesting R-70 zoning.

The properties requesting PCD zoning include the 290-acre Rivers Rock/Pinewood property, the 28-acre Rivers Elementary School property soon to be purchased by Rivers Rock and an adjacent 44-acre property owned by ARC Enterprises, both of which are located just across Sandy Creek Road and immediately to the north of the Pinewood property. The 97-acre Horton property located immediately to the south of the Pinewood property and bordering Veterans Parkway rounds out the properties seeking PCD zoning.

The properties seeking R-70 zoning include the Williams property east of Sandy Creek Road along Hwy. 54, the Lester property along Hwy. 54 east of Tyrone Road, Horton and ARC Enterprises properties northwest of Piedmont Fayette Hospital, the Fayette County School System property adjacent to the Lester property, additional ARC Enterprises property directly across Veterans Parkway from the Pinewood property and the Unified Consultants property on the south side of Hwy. 54 a short distance east of Veterans Parkway.

The council will hear the second reading of the annexation and rezoning request on July 18.

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Honest mistake or something more sinister?

According to the signs along some of the the Rivers property the rezoning request is changing from From: R70 County ..... To: R70 City.

But according to to the City's meeting earlier this week, that sign for the property should read To: City PCD. A Huge HUGE difference. At the following county meeting, the county says there has been a mistake. Lets see if the county/city both hold up to do the right thing.

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Annexation Request

The county made an exception to the county's own land use plan and allowed "Business" (Pinewood) to set up in a planned future residential area, under the guise of wanting to create jobs, stimulate growth. etc.

This, by no means, was the first exception in this part of the county. Now, it seems they are going to allow anybody the opportunity to piggyback themselves into Fayetteville.What about the people that payed for River's Elementary school that cost $$$ too much ....all on speculation.

Just another round of speculation here, who's gonna pay for someone else's dream? Who is gonna pay the folks surrounding this area for their busted dream? (nobody)

Basically, my view is Do Pinewood first, then maybe....over time annex other land.....Do we need that much more Zoned Business land in F'ville?

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Build it and they will come. That was the thought behind Rivers (now sold), after being under-utilized for a few years.

No one can complain about the R70 zoning. This has been on the books for a number of years and probably why you chose to develop roots in the area.

Like you, I have a hard time swallowing the Planned Community District (PCD) concept especially when the city is changing the rules on the fly with increases in density, single use projects in lieu of multiple use, and provision to change from being located on major streets to side streets.

Just one short year ago, county commissioners Brown and Barlow were both discussing the evils of the WFB. Once Pinewood was announced, for the work done by others, the whole commission latched on as they saw the dollar signs ad Pinewood as a savior from having to make further drastic cuts.

Just this past weekend, I drove down Sandy Creek road after a trip to Atlanta with the family. It's a real shame that the county, and now city is bending over backwards to allow for changes to the long term zoning plan.

You have every right to be upset that the landscape around your property is going to change based on speculative income from a studio that has not yet been completed.