F’ville: Restaurants, yes; pawn shops, no

The Fayetteville City Council will hear the first reading June 17 of an amendment to the pawn shop ordinance that would restrict those businesses to the M-1 (Light Industrial) and M-2 (Heavy Industrial) zoning districts. Pawn shops are currently permitted in C-3 (Highway Commercial) districts, which would allow them along the city’s main thoroughfares of Glynn Street and Lanier Avenue.

Senior Planner Linwood Robinson said that while there are currently no pawn shops operating in the city, there have been several recent inquiries.

Robinson said that, as a house-keeping matter and an attempt to make sure pawn shops approved for operation in Fayetteville are placed in appropriate zoning classifications, city staff, the city attorney and Planning & Zoning Commission have conducted research on community impact and which zoning district is best suited for the placement of pawn shops.

The council continues its efforts to attract restaurants to the downtown area. To that end, board members will hear the first reading of a proposal to exempt impact fees and sewer proportionate fees for historic commercial properties around the Courthouse Square.

The idea is to create incentives that will encourage restaurant uses in historic commercial properties in the downtown square, which will in turn boost the local economy, create additional income for the city, and further the city’s goal to create a more active and lively downtown area. Staff has researched different options that might achieve these objectives, Main Street Director Brian Wismer said in a June 2 letter.

The board will also hear the first reading of the Fiscal Year 2011 budget that will take effect in August. The proposed general fund budget totals $9.7 million, down 4.6 percent over the current $10.12 million budget.

City finance staff expect to see an 8.89 percent decrease in property taxes for the coming year, but a 7.44 percent recovery in local option sales taxes.

The hiring freeze, implemented several years ago, will continue, with the loss of four additional positions through attrition. Again next year, the proposal calls for no increase in employee benefits.

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Remember Jordan's?

Sentiment aside, all things come to pass and Jordan's salvage's(as it now exists) days are most likely numbered

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The deal about Jordan's

Jordan's has been on that corner for around 35 years, maybe more. I've been here 30 years and it was here when I came. I've had long talks with Robert Jordan about his being there. CVS offered him 1 million dollars for that corner back when CVS first came into the county. He turned it down because he said "then what am I gonna do?" He was too much of a work horse to sit at home and do nothing and he was also concerned with keeping something for his son to do. People complain about every 5 years about his place being an eyesore but he has been unofficially Grandfathered in.

The problem now is he's not running the place himself much anymore. I can tell by the things being placed out by the street. Robert always placed his most recent, sellable stuff by the street. I noticed yesterday that everything by the street looked like it belonged in a dump. As Robert's health declines so will that corner's appearance. Robert is such a likeable guy that once you get to know him it's hard to want to run him off. I hate to say it but when his son takes it over he won't be able to articulate a good enough reason to the City for why that corner should remain that way. Especially if the appearance begins to decline even further. There was a time when long time Fayette residents wouldn't let you mess with Jordan's. I'm afraid those times are fading.

J Dudley
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Jordans will never leave!!!!!!!!!

I am 51 years old and have lived in and near Fayetteville all my life. I was raised and went to school in Fayetteville and jordans has been there in the same place as long as I can remember. Sorry for the next comment but anyone who tries to run off or close Jordans should be run off their selfs.
I was walking home from school one day and had serveral other kids wanted to fight with me (bullies back then)and Mr Jordan stepped in and made the other boys go on and leave me alone. He always watches others and if anyone ever needed something and didnt have the money for it he would help anyway he could even pay for it himself. To me this man is the meaning of being a person from Fayetteville. People have tried to buy him out and run him off for years and he is still there and I hope he always will be.
Yes there was a time no one messed with Mr Jordans place and wouldnt think of it but now people only think of themselfs and not others and landmarks like Jordans.

Joe Kawfi
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Jordan's and Johnny


I’m sure Mr. Jordan is a nice guy. Being a nice guy does not give him the right to break the law by polluting our ground water with toxic chemicals.

The EPA needs to go there and conduct an inspection. If he is in violation of the law, he needs to either clean it up or shut it down. We are a nation of laws, and anyone who breaks the law should be held accountable.

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sadly, I sort of feel the

sadly, I sort of feel the same way. I have dealt with the sons, and their thinking is of a almost quick buck on the place. Which also means that everyone else in the area is of like mind. Sad, since a lot of the places that what makes a city or town what it is, the newer generation is quick to replace it with some sort of psuedo like place, which doesn't have the same vibe to it, like the old place.
I like to do some thing the old way, because if you forget about it, how will you know anything about it? Just because it's easier to do it now, doesn't mean that it works. Jordan's is a place where you can find some of the parts or stuff that you may have in your attic or garage that may need fixing. Don't dismiss it, if one day your lifestyle suddenly changes.

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Calling all Jordan Lovers...

For those of us who don't have a clue about Jordan's and may perceive this to be an eye sore rather then a historic site. Please explain, give us some history, tell us what he does for the community, and do people actually buy there? I see people there all the time wondering around but how can you find something in that pile? Also is it expensive? Can you drop stuff off?

And most importantly who is Mr. Jordan?

I think your insights will help heal the rift and make everyone appreciative of the uniqueness of our Fayetteville.

Thanks for your input Jordan lovers, we look forward to hearing all about this iconic place.

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Jordan's: some thoughts from a newcomer

I first saw Jordan's when we were checking out the area about three years ago. My first reaction was overwhelming, because it reminded me of my own dear father who would have absolutely loved the place. The second reaction was wonderment on how he was able to maintain such an enterprise in the middle of town, what with people being so tightassed about looks these days. I stopped in right after moving here, and looked it over pretty carefully. Jordan's is very similar to what my father would have had, if he would have condensed it to that small of an area and left out the cars, dump trucks, garbage trucks, fire trucks, farm equipment and their various pieces. The town government was always bothering my father about his collection, but since he was there before they were, not much could be done, except stop him from burning tires. And he was not even close to the center of town. I asked a worker at Jordan's about something that the more I looked around the more curious I became: who does the inventorying around here? I was told that it was done by volunteers. So every time I drive by Jordan's, which is pretty often, I think to myself how glad I am that it is still there for those that appreciate it, knowing that it will not be in the future when it finally runs its course and the property is assimilated by the status quo.

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When we arrived six years ago - we had to laugh when we first saw Jordan's. It reminded us of one of our favorite TV shows - Sanford and Son. We often thought that the show had its origin in LA - on Central Avenue - but Jordan's made us doubt that assumption!! After watching the city grow, we realize that he is sitting on a gold mine! We'd love to know how he and his family acquired that land - and how long they have been in the business. Does anyone have that story? (Just re-read #1. 30 years is a long time. Did he inherit the land? Was it given to him? Did he purchase it? - How wise of him to keep it in his family. Looking forward to hearing more from Jordon 'lovers'.)

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I moved to Fayetteville in 1986 and the rumor at that time was that Mr. Jordan had a trunk of money buried in his yard! When we would go on walks the kids would always look over his yard and wonder where it was buried. Some of the other really nice things about Fayetteville that went away were Mrs. Eastman's place; she sold homemade biscuits in the morning. A&T used to have truckload meat sales once in a while and sold awesome Italian cream cakes and red velvet cakes during Christmas time. There was a restaurant called the Wagon Wheel that was really good and Primo's Pizza was the best pizza around. But now we have a lot of gas stations!! Woohoo!!

Davids mom
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LOL! Thanks. I can almost smell the homemade biscuits! Nice memories.

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For All who like Jordan's, you would have loved

Hutchinson Hardware in Senoia!

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I've been to Jordan's a few

I've been to Jordan's a few times, and even though it's a salvage yard of sorts, it's still what makes Fayetteville unique. Besides which, why do we need a pawn shop downtown anyways? There is enough churchs with yard sales to take care of most of the stuff.
I even have been wondering about other business like a brewpub or similar restaurants in this county, but Griffin is willing to make some changes. Would rather do it here, than drive all the time to Griffin.
Leave Jordan's alone, a lot of the stuff there is no longer being made and yet we still have it in our garage, attic, and etc. Be glad it's there.

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Leave that alone! He has been here forever and does a lot of good for the community. If you don't like it, you are welcome to move else where.

Lisa Presley
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We're worried about pawn shops?

If the city wants to do something useful how about taking a match to the eyesore sitting on the corner of Jeff Davis and Hwy 54. I can hear the Sanford and Son theme music in my head every time I drive past the buildings crammed to the rafters with garbage. Oh yeah, the tarps covering even more crap lying around outside the buildings are quite attractive as well. Does great things for the city's image. I would welcome a pawn shop built on that site!

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Jordan's Store

Lisa - You have not been around here very long have you? You are going up against a venerated Fayetteville Historic Landmark. It's an established business with deep roots in the community. You could put a Dillards on that corner and folks would fuss about losing a real pillar. Jordan's Sales and Salvage will one day be gone, but it will be on its own terms, and not before.

Joe Kawfi
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Jordan's - EPA

The EPA needs to take a good look at Jordan's. With all of the gasoline powered machines he has on sight, there is probably a lot of oil and gas leeching into our water supply. The whole place could be declared a toxic site. Not to mention the rats that are probably inhabiting the place. Shut it down NOW!

S. Lindsey
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Mercury contamination

He has hundreds of Fluorescent tubes many broken and left lying on the ground. City and County knows and ignores it.. I personally have seen them changing the oil on a mower and was letting the oil pour on the ground. Again City and County knows and ignores it... I don't mind the place.. I just wish the "junk" was cleaned up.

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