June 9 meeting ‘most embarrassing to date’

I have attended the Fayette County Commission meetings for the last year or so, and I will admit that the meeting of June 9 was the most embarrassing to date. A major number of the public attendees were there in response to seeing how this county was going to treat House Bill 240.

To have this tabled, after having the agenda agreed upon by all commissioners at the start of the meeting, was poor judgment by the chair.

The citizens of the county should realize by now, that until a commissioner change occurs, the vote will be three (the holdovers) to two (the new guys) upon any issue relative to meaningful change in the way in which the county approaches bypass construction.

It appears that Chairman Frady hopes that if the county spends enough, then we cannot stop the construction, and this latest effort is a delaying tactic to that end by Mr. Frady.

Tom Waller

Fayetteville, Ga.

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Only you were embarrassed!

It is best not to attend these rinky-dink meetings. We elect them, let them do all of the suffering.

A few people at the meeting fussing over a vote already taken only assures them that they have the power.

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