Coweta approves cell tower on Lower F’ville Rd.

The Coweta County Commission at the June 7 meeting on a 4-1 vote approved a request by T-Mobile to install a 150-foot monopine tower on 37.5 acres on Lower Fayetteville Road.

The rezoning request by T-Mobile for 1874 Lower Fayetteville Road includes the installation of a monopine telecommunications tower and supporting ground equipment for wireless communications on a portion of a 37.5-acre open land and wooded property that contains one residential structure, according to county Director of Planning Robert Tolleson. The property is currently zoned RC (Rural Conservation).

The vote to approve the proposal was 4-1, with Commissioner Al Smith opposing.

The proposed area to be leased by T-Mobile South is a 55-foot by 80-foot area located in the south central part of the property in an existing wooded area, said Tolleson.

The plan calls for a 35-foot by 35-foot compound fenced with a 6-foot coated chain link and topped with barbed wire.

Tolleson said the proposed tower facility would be located 170 feet from Lower Fayetteville Road and would include a 20-foot ingress/egress easement.

Monopine towers are sometimes referred to as stealth towers because they are constructed to resemble a pine tree.