Dufresne’s personal attack fails on issues

John Dufresne’s letter in the paper on June 2 was very distressing, not because of the unsubstantiated allegations, but because he would even write it and The Citizen publish it. Mr. Dufresne’s letter is a personal attack on someone he has personal dislike for and fails to address any of the serious issues facing the county at this time.

For those new to the city, let me give you a little history. In 2001, Steve Brown, after years as a “gadfly” addressing issues of importance in Peachtree City, was encouraged by people concerned about the developer-centric government to run for mayor.

He accepted the challenge and was opposed by a gentleman named Gary Rower, the chosen representative of the political establishment. Mr. Rower was supported by an shadowy group called DirectPAC. Mr. Dufresne was Gary Rower’s campaign manager.

To make a long campaign short, Steve Brown defeated Mr. Rower. To Mr. Rower’s credit, he accepted defeat and little has been heard from him since. DirectPAC and Mr. Dufresne were not so magnanimous. Before he even took office, members of DirectPAC began a letter-writing campaign in The Citizen attacking the mayor-elect for every affront they could imagine. This continued for the four years of Mayor Brown’s tenure.

Mr. Dufresne seemed to take the defeat of his candidate the hardest. He began to attend every city council meeting with a video camera, taping every minute of every meeting hoping to catch the mayor in some kind of misstatement that could be used against him.

He also had a campaign style button made saying “B.U.M. (Brown Unfit Mayor)” which he wore to council meetings. Mr. Dufresne was obsessed with driving Mayor Brown from office. Mayor Brown carried on with the city’s business. I never once heard him make a derogatory comment about Mr. Dufresne.

Mr. Dufresne and others from DirectPAC filed numerous ethics charges against Mayor Brown. Only one was sustained. As I recall the press coverage of the incident, Mayor Brown did ask his executive assistant to pick up his children in violation of city rules when he was detained on city business. The assistant complied voluntarily and Brown reimbursed the city for her time. This was an ethics violation, but one could hardly argue that it was serious.

Mr. Dufresne’s letter is full of allegations and personal attacks which are totally unsubstantiated, or for which Brown was cleared. Worst is the claim that the former mayor abandoned his children in a city conference room. How could Mr. Dufresne know this? He is not a city employee who could have witnessed this “event.” If this were true, why was Child Protective Services not called to take custody of the children?

There are serious issues facing the county that need to be addressed. Anyone who disagrees with the candidates on the issues should stick to those issues and leave the personal attacks and animosity out of the campaign.

Disclosure: I am not related to Steve Brown. I have known Steve Brown and his opponent, Jack Smith, for years and do not have a personal disagreement with either.

Robert Brown

Peachtree City,Ga.

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Mud and Nuk, Get A Clue

Mud and Nuk, can't you see where all of this going? Can't you see that you are just digging a hole for yourselves? All this name calling and the insulting comments are extremely immature; don't you think? What would your Mama think about what you are doing? Would you really want your Mama to hear you talking like that? You are only throwing out personal attacks. Focus on the issues, Mud and Nuk. Then, won't your Mamas be proud?

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Mudcat—proof why y’all were voted out of office….

Mudcat—proof why y’all were voted out of office….In the Bob Brown Letter you stoop to make fun of his hair stating (and I quote) “…but they was accurate.” Ouch, that GED shows girl.

In the Terri Smith debacle, wrong again--- the retention of a corporate secretary requires neither a notary nor a filing with the secretary of state (you stated: “You can't be appointed a corporate secretary unless you fill out a form, sign it, have it notarized and file it with the Secretary of State.”)

Boy, dumb is YOU GIRL. No wonder you were forced to hit the bricks.

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Just plain mean

Mudcat and Nuk_1:

You are mean. The way you poke fun and insult the letter writer proves why we don't need folks like Terri Smith and Jack Smith.

Spear Road Guy
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Mudcat Is Proving Why Jack Smith And Eric Maxwell Need To Go.

To attack a guy like Bob Brown who served with honor in the Army and truly cares about the county is atrocious.

The chumps are out of gas on the issues. It's time to fire the incumbents.

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Yo, comb-over Brown (no relation to the gadfly)

Get your facts straight.
Gary Rower was a Delta pilot - not a member of any establishment.
He was and is a class act (you are correct on that). Not a sore loser with an agenda against developers (real and imagined) nor a useless pissant that will just not go away - like somebody running for office now.

DirectPAC was formed in April of 2003 - long after the election and even though most of their members voted against Brown and were obviously opposed to his Eddie Haskell act, John D was not among them. John joined Direct PAC in November of 2003 - 2 full years after the election.

Yes indeed John is a unique personality and the B.U.M. (Brown Unfit Mayor) t-shirts and buttons and bumper stickers were not in the best taste, but they was accurate and just in case you miss the point - Brown will also be an unfit County Commissioner, although we thankfully will never have to see that. Nobody wants to vote for a gadfly when instead we need a real leader who knows how to get along with others and has respect of the staff and employees.

Oh yea, the "numerous ethics charges". No way comb-over. The other Brown filed the "picking up the kids" eithics charges against himself - DirectPAC was not involved. The one and only DirectPAC ethics charge was when he illegally campaigned against a SPLOST when he was an elected official. Interestingly his defense was that he was a citizen only that day(not Mayor) when he made a free commercial on Comcast even though the caption said "Mayor of Peachtree City" - but why quibble. He got off and now he's back. At least until the election is over and he takes down his "Man of the people" campaign signs.

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Brown was right Mudcat

You are just like Robert W. Morgan with all the cutdowns and innuendo. I didn't even knew who John Dufresne was until you mentioned the BUM t-shirt. After seeing that guy in action I'm not sure not I'd hang my hat on him.

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Bob "Comb-over" Brown

Sure don't miss having to see the hair-swooshing and constant whining from him at the podium at Council meetings any longer. I don't know if there has ever been a more hysterical loser than good 'ol Robert Brown except for maybe Steve Fodor, who thankfully blew town years ago. They are still celebrating the day Bob Brown moved out of Planterra over there. I'm sure they are hoping Steve is next.

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ya, he knows how to get along

Anyone who allows employees, contract or otherwise, to not have annual reviews of their performance unless the employee wants them? That's gonna make you really popular with the staff and employees. I wouldn't call it respect. They're laughing all the way to the bank. I sure don't call that leadership either. I call that wimping out, laziness or all of the above.

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