F’ville eyes lowering sewer impact fee

The Fayetteville City Council on Thursday will hear the first reading of ordinances that would amend the sewer impact fee and the city’s early retirement program. The council will also consider a resolution opposing the federal government’s “unconstitutional encroachment on the free exercise of religion.”

Noting a conversation from the March retreat, Finance Director Lynn Robinson said, “The current fee schedules are not easily interpreted by builders and developers and are cumbersome for staff to administer and maintain. The desire in developing new fee schedules is to enhance and encourage new development as well as re-development in the city especially during these challenging times.”

The council will be asked to consider amending the ordinance that would reduce the sewer impact fee and make it a one-time charge rather that recalculating the fee every time a building’s use changes.

Another item up for consideration will be a first reading of a move that would authorizing a voluntary early retirement program and an enhanced version of the program. The move is aimed at reducing the city’s operating costs from salaries and benefits.

Also at the meeting, the council will consider a resolution supporting those opposed to the federal government’s unconstitutional encroachment on the free exercise of religion.

The resolution appears to be in support of more than 40 Roman Catholic dioceses, schools and social service organizations and their current litigation with the federal government over issues such as the requirement to include contraception in the healthcare plans of its employees.

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