F’ville eyes 300 upscale apartments on Grady Ave.

Sign at construction site of Pinewood Studios on Sandy Creek Road. Photo/Ben Nelms.

An upscale residential development is being proposed for 38 acres on Grady Avenue in Fayetteville that is expected to line up with the arrival of the Pinewood Atlanta development on the city’s north side.

Proposed residential units include 33 one- and two-story cottages, 67 townhouse units contained in three-story buildings and 300 apartments, also located in three-story buildings, according to plans submitted to the city. Along with the residences, the 38-acre development includes 7.6 acres of open space.

Knotty Pine, LLC representative Jan Trammell said the square footage of the residences is currently under consideration, adding that the apartments are expected to range from 1-3 bedrooms. Trammell did note that the upscale apartments will be “something Fayetteville has never seen.”

In all, said Trammell, the new residential development coincides with the arrival of Pinewood Atlanta.

Pinewood is expected to open in January and with its scheduled arrival there have been numerous inquiries from businesses affiliated with the movie and television industry that are potentially interested in locating in Fayette County. Prior to the opening, the 288-acre area on which Pinewood is located, along with other adjacent large tracts, is expected to be annexed into the city.

The aim of the Grady Avenue development is to create a unique multi-family and neighborhood environment that will provide “a sense of place within the community and sensitive to its environmental surroundings, encouraging a more creative approach to the development of the property. The result will be a more efficient, aesthetic and desirable balance of flexibility in design, placement of buildings, use of open areas, pedestrian-friendly oriented circulation, parking areas and utilization of the site’s special features of geography, topography, size and/or shape to their best potentials creating an environmentally sustainable design,” the development plan said.

Plans call for buildings in the development to create “visual interest through manipulation of textures, material and colors, building offsets, reveals, recesses and other architectural treatments. The site is further enhanced with decorative signage and lighting.”

If approved by the City Council, plans call for work to begin immediately on the apartment buildings (Phase 1) with an anticipated completion date of approximately 16 months.

The residential single-family and townhouse component (Phase 2) will begin pre-selling homes within a reasonable time period after final zoning. Development of Phase 2 will begin upon receipt of a reasonable number of pre-sales. Once permitted, the development of Phase II is expected to take approximately 10-12 months. Normal sales velocity should be 30-40 units annually, according to the development plans.

Knotty Pine, LLC officers include Jan Trammell, Thomas Chandler and Ronnie Johnson.

Architectural renderings were provided by Peachtree City-based Historical Concepts.

The proposal went before the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission on May 28 and will go back to the planning commission on June 25 for a recommendation. It will also go before the Fayetteville City Council on June 20 due to the lack of a meeting on July 4. The council will likely vote on the proposal on July 18.

The property was initially rezoned in 2006 for 68 single-family homes, then in 2008 it was rezoned to accommodate older adults. But the Great Recession took its toll on Fayetteville and Fayette County and the property remained undeveloped.

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Apartment cause the problems? Not so fast!

I resent the implication that the apartments are the cause of the issues in the community. I live in a very nice Fayette County apartment complex. And I am not an unemployed, government funded or undesirable tennant.
I am a single professional woman who chooses apartmentment living as a practical solution in my busy life. I dont have time to do home maintenance or yard work. I looked for and found a complex that maintains the property, screens prospective tennants well and helps us maintain a "neighborhood" feel. Nothing negative is flowing from our complex into the community. We are not riddled with crime. People from the less desirable complexes are not running to ours because it is nicer.
On the other hand,try driving through some of the sub-divisions along North Jeff Davis and see how the houses and properties have declined in recent years. Check out the crime rate along Hwy 314 where there are no apartments. Observe all of the empty houses all around the city and the whole county.
If the management of the new complex maintains the property appropriately and screens tennants carefully, this complex could bring in people who will boost the economy of the city and county through their spending habits. And maybe in a few folks who, after living in the complex for a lease term or two, will buy houses in a community that sadly needs to rectify the "empty house" problems caused by the economy.

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RWM, The Same Jan Trammell

Yep, this is the same Jan Trammell who is also a member of the old Fayette Family that sold their property for the Rivers School, Pinewood Studio, and the WFB. They also owned the property and participated in the planning of the the high density West Fayette Neighborhoods development that would have been where Pinewood is now.

Family developers; don't you just love them?

I guess they figure that their family helped birth Fayette County, so they can help destroy Fayette County.

Robert W. Morgan
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So she's just reloading a tax-free exchange

so she can avoid paying taxes on the gain. Not a big deal, but I suggest to Fayetteville the 14 units per acre is a bit much - especially if there are no benefits or donations coming back from the developer.

Planning commission can't possibly like this. Need to look past all the cutesy stuff Historical Concepts presents and just focus on the site plan and density. And remember, you are dealing with Jan Trammel.

But check for Alex Thompson and Section 8 - do not let that happen.

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No, please God no!

No more apartments in Fayetteville. It is one of the city's saving graces that we don't have many Multi-families in the area.

This particular property won't be the specific problem, what it will do is effect the market and free up other units in crappier complexes. Which will in turn lower rents and continue the decline of residents in Fayetteville' apartment complexes.

Good rule of thumb, apartment complexes cause trouble. Avoid them!

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Tiki - Beware

Read the article: F’ville preps zoning for ‘unique’ projects

Fayetteville (and FC) needs to be real careful about these projects.

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400 units on 38 acres is pretty dense

Usually I believe developers should be given density in order to profitable enough to give something back to the city or county - i.e. the Mc Duff extension to 74 or a school or a park. I don't see that here. Or at least I didn't read about it. Surely Fayetteville has someone on staff who extracts goodies from developers like this. Get to work.

Zoned for 68 units the density is under 2 units per acre. This new idea is 14. That's as dense as Harmony Village. Better check to see if Alex Thompson (Section 8 guru) is part of this. I'd hate for Fayetteville to get snookered by him like we did.

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Apartments are almost never a good idea

In my opinion.

Robert W. Morgan
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This is the same Jan Trammel who created the trailer park

You know, the one behind Publix. The one that some idiot council let her tap onto our sewer. The one that uses our sewer but does not pay taxes to PTC. Yea, trust her to do the right thing.

Tailgating the Pinewood thing is really silly. Those people want to be where the action is - at Peachtree Station and maybe Wynmeade. None of those Hollywood fools gonna live on Grady Avenue.

Actually most will be in Tyrone in the empty (and for rent) houses that are coming on the market. I heard they are staging them with decent furniture and plan to do 6-month leases. Some are $1500 and some are over $10k. That's a month. Hope that works out for them.

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Yeah, Jan may just be telling the truth about it being something

like Fayetteville has never seen. After all, Peachtree City had never before seen a trailer park at it's city limits and one connected to it's sewer system at that..