Smola and Smith ‘build empty schools,’ buy unneeded land

I’m fed up with the scheming by some of our elected officials. It’s easy to know who should get the vote in this upcoming July election. Just watch for the ones who would rather sling mud than address the real issues.

Two people who have seriously concentrated on the issues are Bob Todd for the Board of Education and Steve Brown for the County Commission. Their political adversaries seem to relish the art of personal attacks because they don’t have any intelligent positions of their own.

When Janet Smola and Terri Smith berated board member Todd at the Board of Education meeting, they proved their desperation and their inability to defend their actions. Mr. Todd stands head and shoulders above the others on the board when it comes to defending the taxpayers, our teachers and our students.

Since Ms. Smola and Ms. Smith cannot defend their record, rampant with mismanagement, they attack Mr. Todd because he takes a stand in the other direction.

Bob Todd has fought to restore financial discipline and build reserves to protect our schools. Smola and Smith build empty schools and buy lots of unwanted real estate. No wonder the two of them would rather attack Mr. Todd than stand on their own record.

It’s also fairly obvious that the good old boys can’t stand Steve Brown either. After all, he keeps exposing their deceptive practices.

They try to tear him down, but Mr. Brown never backs down.

After shining the light on the phony projects in the SPLOST and the road to nowhere bypass, Mr. Brown has the good old boys out to tear him apart.

I wish both Mr. Todd and Mr. Brown success in the upcoming election. You have both fought for what is right and deserve to win. Thank you for representing the average taxpayer in Fayette County.

Edith Carpenter

Fayetteville, Ga.

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