McCarty: ‘Shocking’ how officials spend taxpayers’ money

I was very impressed by the number of people who thought enough of Fayette County to show up for the political forum on a Monday night.

Steve Brown had the quote of the evening when he said, “Our county doesn’t have a funding problem; it has a spending problem.” I totally agreed with that thought.

It’s really shocking to see how elected officials are spending our hard-earned tax dollars at the county level.

I used the example of the Board of Education wasting our tax dollars on empty and half-empty schools. I asked where the accountability in the excess spending was.

My opponent tried to spin the topic by saying it sounded like I was trying to run for the school board. My comments on the unnecessary school spending were simply to demonstrate how outrageous things have gotten over that last few years.

I think the nearly empty Rivers Elementary School, the failed SPLOST, and roads to nowhere show us that we have a problem with unresponsive leaders in Fayette County who simply are not listening or caring about the taxpayers, whether it’s the School Board or the County Commission.

In these troubling times, we see large expenditures of money that make no sense at all. We have the County Commission proposing SPLOST options with projects so far out of step that three-fourths of the voters rejected it. We have the bypass to nowhere and it all adds up to arrogance in our leaders.

I just see some very important mistakes in spending judgment that if continued will endanger our great lifestyle in Fayette County.

I cannot sit by and watch our Fayette County Commission toss one unreasonable spending proposal after another at us.

I know a lot of you are feeling the effects of the recession and I share that with you all.

I’m in favor of terminating the West Fayetteville Bypass because it makes no sense financially, or as a road project. In addition, I am totally opposed to mass transit in Fayette County. I’m not content on sitting on my hands while a mass transit plan gets approved that would cost us hundreds of millions of dollars.

I will work to get us out the regional plans instead of just talking about it.

One more thing and I’ll let you get on to reading the rest of the newspaper.

I would appreciate your vote on July 20. Rest assured I will be your full-time county commissioner and serve you, the citizens of Fayette County.

Allen McCarty

Candidate, County Commission Post 5

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Allen McCarty vs. Mr. Maxwell

Some positive points about Mr. McCarty:

1. He has never been in politics
2. He is not an attorney
3. He has run his own business from the ground up

Some positive points about Mr. Maxwell

1. He has been in politics for a long time
2. He is an attorney
3. I guess he has run a law firm?

You decide......who's better qualified to represent us?

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Spear Road Guy, Allen's Web Site is It is still under construction but you can go there to get information. His email address is

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Yard Sign?

How do I get one of Allen's signs? Got a web site?

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McCarty vs Maxwell

Enter your vote now and see the the results instantly. Maxwell and McCarty objective positions available.

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More spam

Enough already. Why not call together all the pastors in GA and have a big prayer meeting for everyone to go to your garbage website so you won't have to spam here every day?

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What is really frightening is the fact that when Dennis Chase asked Commission Chairman Jack Smith about the Plan D/alignment 4 alternative route of the East Bypass, Chairman Smith had to say that he didn't know anything about that alternative route. When a county government applies to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for a 404 Permit, part of that application requires alternative routes. There were alternative routes for the East Bypass that were clearly shown in the Transportation Plan. There was an alternative route Alignment 4 clearly shown in the Transportation Plan. Our Commission Chairman, Jack Smith, should have made himself fully aware of what the proposal was and the alternative routes before he transferred all our SPLOST money from the East Bypass to the West Bypass. Did he really not know what Plan D/alignment 4 was? Is he really that ill-informed about the projects he expects the people of Fayette County to pay for?

Our current Commissioners are without a doubt throwing the tax payers money away if they are not willing to or CANNOT address alternative routes for a multi-million dollar road project that the majority of our citizens know is a complete waste of money and natural resources. Come on, Chairman Smith, did you really not know? If you didn't know, shouldn't you have known? But, yet you expect the people of this county to consider the WFB justified just because you say so? You've got to do better than that!

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Disrespectful answer from Smith

As the individual who videotaped the Town Hall Forum, and being very new to Fayette County and not having any prior knowledge regarding Jack Smith, I did discern a disrespectful response from Jack Smith when Dennis Chase asked him about Plan D. Mr. Smith initially began his introduction with a tone of animosity towards Mr. McCarty as a "cohort of Bost". What's that got to do with anything? In my opinion, Jack Smith lost my support and the support of my wife, who was also present. I will gladly work to get Mr. Smith defeated. Our County deserves better! Go to and watch the videos. You can't argue with the FACTS! Draw your conclusions from watching Smith.
David Barlow

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I like McCarty too

I had never seen Jack Smith or Eric Maxwell in action. I went to this forum with an open mind. Smith and Maxwell's responses to several of the questions were embarassing. I was expecting so much more from them and left really disappointed. It was kind of scary actually. I was impressed with McCarty and Brown.

As for the WFB, all Smith and Maxwell quote are the millions it will cost to build. What will the additional millions be per year in maintenance and upkeep once the road is built? This road ain't free if they finish it.

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Spear Road Guy

I agree. People outside the Commissioners Room see things from a different perspective. Add to that no commissioner experience, and we just may have a guy who can do a lot of good for the county. He appears to actually be sincere, and so far, no dirt on him. I've been living in Fayette County 38 years, and I've never seen so many people against incumbents. McCarty just may have a chance if Smith and Maxwell don't rally on the developer votes.

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I Like This Guy!!!

McCarty understands people. I think he is humble enough to be a great commissioner unlike Eric "Trouble Maker" Maxwell.

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