Maxwell ‘continues with parade of lies’

County Commissioner Eric Maxwell lies so much I think he can’t tell a lie from the truth. In his letter published in The Citizen on May 19, 2010 at the top of page A6, he once again accuses me of “not being a resident of Fayette County” when I ran for re-election in 2000. Mr. Maxwell knows very well that what he states is a big, bald face lie. However, since Mr. Maxwell is such a habitual liar, he doesn’t realize what a fool he makes of himself when he lies and lies the way he does.

In 2006, when he ran against Greg Dunn for a seat on the County Commission, Mr. Maxwell fabricated so many lies about Greg that the count was lost. Sometime after Mr. Maxwell took office on Jan. 1, 2007, he was asked why he told so many lies during the election campaign. It is reported that he replied, “You have to do what you have to do to get elected.”

That statement really gives you an insight into the lack of character of this man. It is unfortunate that a person with no conscience or integrity holds a seat on the Fayette County Commission.

In this same letter to The Citizen, Mr. Maxwell also made a statement that I was one of the two most despised and disgraced former politicians. It only took me a moment to realize why he made that statement. Mr. Maxwell’s circle of friends are mostly special interest individuals. Therefore, I understand how I can be despised by Mr. Maxwell and his special interest group.

Under those circumstances, I wear that designation with pride. It tells me I must have done something right when I was a county commissioner from 1997 to 2001. Because when I was a commissioner, my decisions were always made based on what was best for all of Fayette County, not to benefit special interests.

In fact, after Greg Dunn and Linda Wells were sworn in on Jan. 6, 1999, I was elected chairman. Shortly thereafter, I made the statement: “As long as this board is in place, there will only be one set of rules, for friend and foe alike. So don’t anyone come in asking for special favors that goes against the rules because they will not get favored treatment over anyone else.”

As a result, the special interest people had to set on the sidelines for eight years until January 2007, when Mr. Maxwell and his sidekick, Jack Smith, replaced Greg Dunn and Linda Wells on the commission. It did not take long after Mr. Maxwell and Mr. Smith took office before we knew the special interest folks were back in control again.

I am very proud to report that not one person came in during that over two years time period I remained on the commission and asked for a special favor. I firmly believe that the government should serve all the people equally and not serve the notorious special interests.

So yes, again, I am proud that Eric Maxwell and his special interest friends despise me. I’m happy to wear that badge with honor.

No doubt we will see many more lies from Mr. Maxwell this year as he will use the lie, lie, lie approach in the current political campaign against his opponent, Allen McCarty, just like he did in 2006 against Greg Dunn.

I sincerely hope the voters of Fayette County will see Mr. Maxwell for what he really is: A big liar connected to the special interest group.

And did you know Mr. Maxwell is on a list of attorneys being considered to fill the two vacant superior court judge seats? Hopefully, someone will get the word to Governor Purdue as to the real character of Eric Maxwell.

Harold Bost

Fayetteville, Ga.

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Amen, Bringinabroom

Bring in that broom and sweep both Smith and Maxwell out!

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SOMEBODY’S FIBBING ERIC !!! Harold is right---Eric just says whatever…..


“Eric K. Maxwell, who himself is a former Peachtree City Municipal Court Judge. Maxwell has told The Citizen he would not seek a Superior Court judgeship.”


“In a question posed to Maxwell on his possible desire to obtain a vacant Superior Court judgeship, the commissioner said his career path called for a judgeship and that he will apply so that he can have a one-on-one with the governor to advocate for state court Judge Fletcher Sams since Sams is the only clear choice. Maxwell added that the remaining judgeship is a long shot.”

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