Brown: Commission has ‘gone off the deep end’ on spending; stop the bypass

I invite everyone to visit my website at for information on my campaign and to find out how you can help.

While the incumbents on the county board of commissioners have gone off the deep end on spending, there is a lot I can do to help the county return to common-sense conservatism.

It does not take a rocket scientist to see the West Fayetteville Bypass cannot be justified. Your vote to defeat the incumbents and elect Allen McCarty and me will be the people’s mandate to stop the foolish road.

Think about it. Terminating that one project will produce tens of millions of dollars for other road projects and modifications that can really benefit commuters in our county. We will take those funds and use the common-sense approach of looking at modifying Ga. Highway 85 and Ga. Highway 314 to improve flow conditions as well as other road network modifications, arterial and collector roads, which could improve traffic flow.

Truthfully, the West Fayetteville Bypass is not even a bypass. It’s just the county government machine taking care of the influential developers at our expense. I will work on identifying the critical projects that will do the most good and fund them. The West Fayetteville Bypass is not a critical project; in fact, the best it would rate would be “non-essential.”

There were other transportation SPLOST projects that could not be implemented because the wasteful West Fayetteville Bypass was taking up the remainder of the funds. We need to be penny-wise and penny-pinching by implementing the projects that give us the most efficiency.

The majority of us know the projects in the last SPLOST referendum were just pure pork-barrel politics, full of pet projects. Look, I have a record as a government official. I never tried to pull something like the last SPLOST referendum, an insult to the taxpayers, and I will never attempt anything like it in the future.

It is pretty obvious the incumbents on the county board of commissioners are not practicing fiscal and managerial conservatism. Tax revenues are down and they needed to budget accordingly; instead they tried to gouge us with the ridiculous SPLOST, wanting us to build roads we do not need and pay the county’s entire debt service, giving future residents a free ride on our backs.

The incumbent commissioners increased their contingency funds (unbudgeted tax dollars used at the discretion of the commissioners) by 100 percent over the last two years. The tough budgets that tighten due to the rough economy do not call for more discretionary spending from the commissioners. It’s insulting to cut our level of services at the same time the incumbent commissioners increase their discretionary spending funds.

One of the main problems is the citizens do not get a say in how their government is run. Go through the minutes of the county board of commissioners meetings and it becomes pretty clear they don’t really care what the people think.

If you as a citizen in our community have a problem with an item on the commission’s agenda, you cannot say anything. You get exactly three minutes at the very beginning of the meeting to say something and nothing more. There is no dialogue with the constituents when an agenda item is being discussed amongst the commissioners.

Ask any reporter who ever covered one of my meetings in Peachtree City and they will tell you I conduct the most open meetings in the state. I am a diehard advocate for the First Amendment. You pay the taxes, so you should have a say.

The incumbent commissioners do not fit the public servant model. Public servants don’t block you out and ignore you. Even my political adversaries will tell you I give the citizens complete access to THEIR government (my meeting minutes were chock full of constituent comments and suggestions throughout the meetings).

I will end with this; I have unquestionably proved that I will stand up to the local special interests who would gladly wreck our beautiful county for an extra handful of dollars. My opponent, the incumbent Jack Smith, crosses the line and stands on the other side.

The Bank of Georgia, by their own admission, is a developer-run bank that overwhelmingly funds development projects in Fayette County. The incumbent Jack Smith is on the board of directors of The Bank of Georgia. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation has already condemned Smith’s bank for reckless behavior. The painful conflict of trying to represent the citizens on the commission and simultaneously profit from the developer special interests with the bank is something the good people in our county do not deserve.

The people elect THEIR representative to represent THEIR families. Divided interests should not be allowed to stand in local government.

I will never put myself and your best interest in jeopardy from such acts of selfishness.

Please mark your calendars for the dates to vote this summer. Your community’s future depends on it. Early voting at the County Election Office begins June 7. Advanced voting at the PTC and Tyrone Libraries is July 12-16. The election at all regular polling locations is July 20.

I would be most appreciative of your vote this summer.

Steve Brown

Candidate, County Commission Post 4

Peachtree City, Ga.

Spear Road Guy
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West Fayetteville Bypass Helps No One

The road is an expensive joke!

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West Fayetteville Bypass is very helpful----

Correction Spear Road Guy--- The West Fayetteville Bypass is very helpful---- to Jack, Eric and the Chamber of Commerce crowd.

Truth_shall set...
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So Spear, what would you do?

Since you can't defend the East (Clayton) bypass now?

Since you (apparently) deny traffic is an issue in Fayetteville?

You want to build Brown's boondoggle: the "overpass" at 54/74! Despite the fact that westbound traffic, the BIGGEST PROBLEM there, would remain stuck at The Avenue light and the next successive 5 lights.

Seriously Spear. What would YOU do instead of the W. Fayetteville bypass? Remember, it has to be somewhere in that transportation plan used to pass the SPLOST.

The West bypass isn't perfect, but without it I shudder to think what Fayetteville traffic will be like in 10 years.

Spear, you got two brand-spanking new widened HIGHWAYS in the past 6 years in PTC. Now it's Fayetteville's turn for some traffic relief, whether you like it or not.

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Explain the WFB and how it would have a positive affect.

You don't even know the route.

1st. You have NO TRAFFIC STUDY

4. SPLOST was defeated soundly because NOBODY WANTED WFB
5. MARTA and Mass Transit you could not handle in one week. It would freak you out. I've lived it.
Bye Bye Smith and the future of becoming Atlanta South. We don't want it. It's been clearly stated!
read the facts :

20 minutes to the airport is still a good deal from any suburb.

Truth_shall set...
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E. bypass would've helped Clayton, not Fayette!

It would start at South Jeff Davis, shoot up to 54 at Corinth. Then to the Pavilion at 85.

So Ginga, as county commissioner, would've spent $40M or more of Fayette County tax dollars for a road to benefit Clayton County residents almost exclusively?

I don't feel sorry for you anymore. Used to. Then I realized how much traffic downtown Fayetteville has nearly ALL DAY LONG.

You rural folks got lower taxes for YEARS because of the density us city folks have. Now, it's your time to pay.

You are on here so often spitting vitriol (and false accusations) that I have lost all sympathy for you and every single person in the path of the west Fayetteville bypass.

You can only play the victim so long before you lose all common sense. And you, my dear, have done just that.

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What's Your Point? Have an issue to contend?

You're just spewing at a persona. Not even a candidate. What are the issues? Do you know at least one? Pick one and stay on point. What's your point? Please have one or quit wasting space.

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Here's a point for you, **assroots:

Voters don't have to vote on the issues. They could very well vote agaist someone simply for, let's say, running for a county commission and then making up a bunch of different user names on a local paper's blog site, who then goes on to harass the voters.

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"Cast the first stone"

Jesus faced a mob that was eager to execute a woman caught in adultery. He put a stop to it with a simple challenge: anyone who has no sin in their life should step forward and throw the first stone. That sentence is often cited as a reminder to avoid judging others when there are faults in your own life that need to be addressed.

Jesus says that we will recognize good people by their fruit. He likens them to trees: bad trees cannot bear good fruit, but good trees do. We cannot judge the person, but we certainly can and do judge their works(fruit)!

I'm hesitant to make any further comments. Jesus gave us many examples of how to live our lives during His short ministry. The children's song, "Jesus Loves Me This I Know, For The Bible Tells Me So". Imagine if you will, if all of us simply obeyed The Ten Commandments. WOW, what a thought.

Go to and watch the videos(that's the fruit). You can't argue with the FACTS!

David Barlow

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Unbelieveably Astounding!

I attended the Town Hall/Candidate Forum this past Monday night hoping to learn something about Jack Smith and Eric Maxwell that I didn't already know. In the beginning of the meeting, it was the same old, "I did" this and "I did" that.

Then Dennis Chase finally got his turn at the microphone. I have heard Dennis speak many times and he is a very quiet and dignified person but he always gets down to the real nitty gritty. This time wasn't any different! Dennis asked Jack Smith a question pertaining to Plan D/Alignment 4 of the East Fayetteville Bypass. The East Bypass alternative Plan D/Alignment 4 is a far less expensive and far far less damaging route. Jack Smith said that he didn't know anything about Plan D/Alignment 4 of the East Fayetteville Bypass. I knew about Plan D/Alignment 4. Why didn't Jack Smith know about it? Did he REALLY NOT know about it? SHOULDN'T he have known about it?

I couldn't believe I had heard Smith correctly. I just couldn't and still can't wrap my brain around the fact that here we have one of the highest, if not the highest public official in our county saying that he is not aware of an alternative route for a project that he wants the taxpayers of this county to pay multiple millions of dollars to build. He is asking many many homeowners along the proposed West Bypass to give up their homes, property, environment and tax money to pay for a project about which he doesn't even know all of the particulars?????? For me, THAT WAS THE SINGLE MOST TELLING BIT OF INFORMATION to come out of the meeting!

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