Babb qualifies to run against Sheriff Hannah, other contested races

Smola won't run in BoE race, Wingo gets competition for tax commissioner

Qualifying in Fayette County does not end until Friday at noon. That said, there are several local races destined to see competition in July 31 primary. As of late afternoon Thursday, those include the Fayette County Board of Education Post 2 race and the contest for sheriff and tax commissioner.

Qualifiers for the Fayette County Board of Education Post 1 seat include Ga. Tech professor and Tyrone resident Barry Marchman and financial adviser and Peachtree City resident Scott Hollowell. Post 1 12-year incumbent Janet Smola released a statement this week stating that she will not be seeking reelection.

The Post 2 school board qualifiers as of Thursday afternoon included south Fayette resident and Mercer University professor Mary Kay Bacallao and south Fayette resident and consultant Gary Griffin.

And for the Post 3 seat, incumbent Marion Key was the only qualifier by late afternoon.

Qualifying for the three seats on the Fayette County Commission has been postponed until next week by order of U.S. District Judge Timothy C. Batten, Jr.

There were two qualifiers for the sheriff’s race by 3 p.m. Thursday. It's a rematch of the 2008 election for sheriff featuring former Fayette Deputy Barry Babb, currently with the Atlanta Police Dept., and incumbent Wayne Hannah. The two dueled in a crowded field four years ago for the open post that Hannah won without a runoff.

Fayette County Superior Court Clerk Sheila Studdard was the lone qualifier for the clerk’s position.

The race for Fayette County Tax Commissioner will be a race after all with both Lee Ann Bartlett and incumbent George Wingo added their names to the list.

In other races, Fayette County Probate Judge Ann Jackson and State Court Solicitor General Jamie Inagawa were the only ones to qualify for those races.

The qualifying period ends Friday at noon.

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Here's an old idea that sounds good this year! If they are an incumbent, vote for the other guy...local, congress, federal, etc!

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Not So Fast Kreed

That is exactly the mentality that gave us four years of Don Haddix in Peachtree City. Don't blindly vote against the incumbent. There are some out there doing a good job (and some that aren't). Get to know each candidate for vote for or against them based on there performance.

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Yellowjax & Incumbent

But the incumbent wasn't running in that election! So it had to be one new person or the other elected--and more chose Haddix than Plunkett--and you know the rest of the story!

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Looking Forward

to seeing how the Sheriff's race goes! I really think the race 4 years ago would of been a fair race until Sheriff Johnson jumped in at the last minute. A LOT of things have happened since then and it's up to these two men to show their professionalism for the next two months, but then again there are SO MANY jobs on the line this time! I feel that if Barry wins it will be pay back time and there will be a bunch of new faces at the jail! we'll just have to sit back and watch.

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Barry Babb

is definitely the man for the job! It is my understanding that Randall will NOT make the same mistake twice.

Barry, if you read these blogs, just know that you have a lot of people already lining up to support you!

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Barry Babb

Do believe I voted for him last time and will most likely do that again! Blv he'll have a chance if we can keep outside influence out of the campaign.

The Truth Will ...
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I'm watching

1. One can hope that the mold in the jail; all pods - all locations will be mitigated ASAP, as inmates have respiratory illnesses!!!
2. One can hope that rapists and child molestors of weathly parents are held accountable who drug & sexually assault, intimidate by phone, harrass, disslocate jaw, stalk, 15 yr olds!!! One can hope that evidence removed from victims is returned!!
The list is long, but I'll stop for now. . . . .
What a difference 4 yrs have made to this once wonderful county!
Leadership, Integrity, Ethics MATTERS!

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Terri Smith

Is she not running for re-election? Might we actually rid this county of both Smith and Smola??? Oh Happy Days!!

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No Smith, Smola oh Happy Day!!

I guess after they bent us over the chair with the NAACP thing they figured they should get while the gettings good! Let see what our resident ravel raiser has to say bout this.