Frady passes on race for reelection; ‘I think it’s time to retire’

Fayette County Commission Chairman Herb Frady. File Photo.

Fayette County Commission Chairman Herb Frady announced Tuesday that he will not be seeking reelection for his Post 2 seat. The decision ends 20 years as a member of the commission.

“I’m not going to run,” Frady said, noting the qualifying period that runs through Friday. “I’ve been here 20 years and I think it’s time to retire. I wanted to make sure everyone understood that.”

Frady’s announcement came one day before qualifying for his seat on the commission. The terms for the Post 1 seat held by Commissioner Robert Horgan and the Post 3 seat held by Commissioner Lee Hearn are also expiring in 2012.

So far, the only announced candidate for the Post 2 slot is David Barlow of Tyrone, who has not held elective office before.

Reflecting on the time on the commission, the 81-year-old Frady said, “I’ve enjoyed it. It’s been a good thing for me and my family.”

Prior to his time on the commission Frady served on the City Council and as mayor of Peachtree City.

Once his term is over at the end of the year Frady said he and his wife plan to travel.

Frady has been a resident of Fayette County since 1975.

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Enjoy your retirement Mr. Frady

Dear Herb:

Happy retirment! Have fun and no worries about not getting re-elected, we will do just fine without you, buddy!

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Frady & Retirement

Regardless of whether or not you agreed with his performance(s), at his age and considering his yrs of public service, he deserves a "Thanks for your service and happy retirement!"

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Herb doesn't want to be re-elected? Maybe, "Doesn't want to try to be re-elected" would be more accurate.

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AHHhhh Finally...

I knew it was just a matter of time before we agreed on something......

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He isn't running because...

he doesn't want to see 3000 for the other guy and 01. (yeah he would vote) for himself!

"Time to call in the dogs, take a wizz on the fire (he wizzed on the taxpayers), and go home!

He could NEVER win re election. Our taxes are high and we owe him, his two cronies, and the 2 on the school board, uneducated wanta be Janet Smola, and developers wife, Smith, for the fix we are in now. No group has ever cost the taxpayers so much money.

Write it off that:

1. they are stupid

2. they are crooks.

3. both above could be true!

Everyone has their own ideas.

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Who cares

Who cares

Robert W. Morgan
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Actually, we all should care

An open seat in an upcoming election that is certain to have a lower than normal turnout is how you wind up with people like Steve Brown and Don Haddix elected to positions that are way beyond their ability. There are many other examples, believe me.

Speaking of Brown, this guy Barlow is clearly a fan of Brown and that's all it takes to make Brown Fayette County Commission Chair. It is not just the embarrassment of him running meetings and conducting his stupid witch hunts for experienced county employees or the ever-present and evil "developers" ; instead it is the thought that he will be automatically our representative and ARC and possibly on a state-wide committee responsible for transportation projects.

It is inevitable that Brown will be chair, after all there are 2 other seats up for grabs and they might as well be open seats with very weak incumbents, so Brown will get a third and maybe even a fourth vote. The antidote to all that is to hope that we get true district voting which will do 2 things - 1. Brown will be defeated in a district dominated by Peachtree City 2. The northern district will produce several black candidates and one will get elected.

I'm ambivalent about #2, but I sure like the idea of #1.

And I sure hope we see some dedicated and qualified people stepping forward this election. Lots of openings on school board and county commission.

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