‘Taste of Fayette’ makes you want to dance

‘Taste of Fayette’ makes you want to dance

It was impossible to know how many people attended the Fayette Fine Art Show, Taste of Fayette and a Taste of Living History held in downtown Fayetteville last weekend. But of the thousands that swarmed the downtown area, this group of amateur dancers decided to make a spontaneous addition to the long list of festivities. Photo/Ben Nelms.

Davids mom
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A great day!

Thanks to all of those whose hard work made this event an outstanding success! Look forward to next year!

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Taste of Fayette.....

I think it's kind of funny tasting all the crap food from restaurants in Fayetteville. Other than Broadway and Baci-it's all just your typical boring stuff with way too many restaurant chains taking over. Pies On has decent Pizza. Lagniappe has donuts that are no big deal and other than that, what else is there really? Not much!

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