Which council members respond to taxpayer, and which ones don’t . . .

On Thursday, May 9, I sent an email to City Council in which I stated my opinion on the 4th of July tarp restrictions and asking them to vote in favor of one.

To date only two members have replied: Mayor Haddix and Councilwoman Kim Learnard.

Council members Imker, Fleisch and Dienhart: Silence.

What kind of representation is this, if they can’t even respond to a citizen’s concern? If they don’t have time to respond to a taxpaying citizen, do they really have my best interests in mind?

With two out of those three members now running for mayor, I would have thought that they would have at least sent something back to me if they wanted my support in the upcoming elections.

Well, it now narrows the field for me.

Gail Allen
Peachtree City, Ga.

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WOW...Haddix gains a supporter!

That's the very first one here besides pumpkin!

You see, if you respond to Gail Allen's concerns, you're golden, otherwise, forget it! Nothing else matters!

PTC Observer
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Now NUK_1 - There's

There's only a 50/50 chance here, not "overwhelming support".

Still waiting for the scores of supporters to line up and put their money on ads in The Citizen in support of our current Mayor.