MacDuff rezoning OK’d 3-1

Peachtree City Councilman Eric Imker. Photo/John Munford.

Imker objects to selling ‘soul of Peachtree City down the tubes for money’

The Peachtree City Council Thursday night voted 3-1 to rezone an 88-acre tract for 208 homes near MacDuff Parkway. The vote came with a condition that only 100 homes could be built prior to completion of the MacDuff Parkway road extension.

It will take about 17 months to fully complete the road extension, which will link the road with Ga. Highway 74 north, according to officials with John Wieland Homes.

The 88-acre site is located along the CSX railroad and was previously zoned for industrial development. Councilman Eric Imker, who voted against the rezoning, argued that the land should have remained available for industrial use. The catch is that service trucks heading to and from the site would have to use MacDuff Parkway, though Imker suggested there was a way for them to be routed around most of the residential traffic.

The negative vote came from Imker, who said the decision came down to money.

“I’m not prepared to sell the soul of Peachtree City down the tubes for money,” Imker said.

A representative for John Wieland Homes noted the company has owned the property for more than 10 years and no one has approached to purchase the site for an industrial use.

Wieland President Jeff Kingsfield said the bigger issue is getting MacDuff Parkway in to help traffic and also the need for new housing in the city in an effort to attract young families.

Councilman Mike King said denying the rezoning would simply “kick the can down the road” in terms of postponing the MacDuff extension.

“We really need to finish MacDuff Parkway,” said Councilman Terry Ernst. “I think everybody agrees with that.”

Imker said he was concerned about MacDuff becoming the victim of cut-through traffic once the extension opens.

Mayor Vanessa Fleisch, a real estate agent, abstained from the vote and did not participate in the discussion. Fleisch previously said that she will not make any money from marketing the homes for Wieland, but a co-worker has signed a deal to sell Wieland homes in the area.

The road extension, which will include a bridge over the railroad tracks, will be a very welcome sight for residents in Wilksmoor Village, who currently only have one way in and out of their homes every day: Ga. Highway 54 West.

Hwy. 54 gets so clogged in the evening commute times that traffic can back up nearly two miles to the east, all the way to Willowbend Road. The city has ordered a traffic study of the entire corridor in search of solutions to help move traffic more efficiently, and that study will take into account future commercial development on the highway along with the Wieland subdivision that was rezoned Thursday night.

Wieland officials have said some of the homes will be sold above the $350,000 mark and some will eclipse $400,000. The development will have a number of pocket parks designed to be used by residents.

The parcel is home to the “Peach Pit” construction landfill, and there will be no development on that site, Wieland officials have said.

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The realtor mayor

will not make any money from the marketing of the homes. The "marketing". The realtor mayor will not directly profit. "Directly". Read between the lines, folks.

If there is one person in this city who believes this realtor mayor will not make money off from this deal or The Gates, where she conveniently and very quietly "left" Keller and came back after that deal was voted in, just so she could put her yes vote in, then I am sure she has some wetlands she is willing to sell you.

Watch the impact fee schedule redo (contracted out at taxpayer expense, what 20k more?) give lower fees to these two projects AND eliminate fees to these two projects. Timing is everything.

And let's have a statement from this agent for Weiland, but not really an agent for Weiland, (depending on which meeting it is) who has been the front for "Keller" in all of this. How many of the 34 homes you say you will have pre-sold will be rentals bought by "cash investors" in this? You know, the 20% of the 208 homes which are going to be rentals in the agreement? Investors who come in and are artificially inflating home values with cash purchases and reduce actual homeowner occupied neighborhoods? Yes, we sure do need more realtor landlords in this city. More flippers, too.

Anyone know where all the construction traffic for this 100 homes is going to come from and how they are going to get in and out of this tract of 87 acres? On 54W and north onto MacDuff, of course. There will be no access to any new extension while any of this construction is going on, adding heavy construction traffic to the already bottled up 54 West.

That's not all. Don't forget, The Overlook is going to start construction at the same time. My bet, Race Trac will, too.

What a tragic yes vote this will prove to be. Tragic, not a word to use lightly, but I will use it here. Historically tragic, for all those who will be using 54 West (and MacDuff) for the next 1 to 2 years.

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How dare you MLC. (Lol)

I was told earlier this week, that I was a trouble maker for pointing this out. I was told the mayor in no way will profit from the "marketing". Lol.

This vote disappointed me big time. No one at city hall can tell me this is a planned community. There's no planning going on.

Mr. King is doing the city a favor by not kicking the can down the road. Terry just thinks we need to finish the road.

The developer is now promoting this for young families that can afford $350k + houses. Really? Is Learnard that crazy to believe this? Did I say that out loud? I mean is Learnard that naive?

Your right. If people hate traffic now. Just wait and see what the traffic will be like over the next 2 years with concrete trucks, backhoe deliveries, concrete workers, electricians, coming and going. I'm pretty sure non of that is being addressed in this traffic study.

I don't know why council couldn't delay the vote until the traffic report is complete and they had further impact studies.

On this vote, I think Imker had it right.

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I dare, I double dare

Young families? Yes, those with no children, of course. Newlyweds on birth control with a 350K budget? Lots of jobs in our industrial areas to support a 350K-400K home to a childless couple in their twenties, right? That is exactly what he said.

Council and planners chickened out (well, one planner is next door neighbor to realtor mayor, so that does not count). The realtor mayor was all over this with the blonde sidekick. The whole lot except Imker. Of course, he knew he could play devil's advocate, that is his faux role he has set up with the blonde and the realtor mayor. The intimidator constitutional challenge was in place to do just what it did.

Do these below have one thing in common?

70K PTC taxpayer funded traffic study

MacDuff development

The Overlook

realtor mayor

blonde sycophant



Southside Mormons Groundbreaking in Sharpsburg on May 10th

Property Reserve, Inc. Salt Lake City



Fischer Crossings and Gualtney Development by 2015

Bob Blackburn

Coweta County Joint Comprehensive Transportation Plan Update March 2014

Vernon Hunter Parkway



Barlow AGAIN

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I get it, no I don't

Is this Learnard's plan to keep West side residents from making it to the polls next year? Keeping school kids from arriving on time all due to traffic congestion?

I don't get Barlows involvement unless it's Learnard's devious attempt to frustrate him to the point where he move to Coweta just to see his grandkids and he can buddy up with Blackburn.

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Bullard Realty the Kmart of real estate companies?

So says my neighbor who has worked for them, Harry Norman and Prudential. Seems they just target their agents to extract fees and don't give very much in the way of training or support. And their HQ is in Clayton County which means you should not go to HQ after dark.

See this ad?
Coldwell Banker Bullard Realty
Real Estate pre-licensing school beginning June 2nd, Monday and Thursday evenings.

Evenings? Are you freaking kidding? Especially Thursday evenings when most crime is committed.

Go, if you must and ask how they are better or worse than others. And then call Vanessa Fleisch at Keller and ask how you can join her team. They be selling the John Wieland homes in the Wilkesmoor hood for $400k! Seniors only. No annoying little kids or their Moms asking about can they be in the McIntosh school district.

Keller Williams, the path to prosperity thru the pyramid scheme of teamwork. The team only takes a combined 60% of your earnings.

Or maybe Bullard who takes a mere 50% of your earnings is a better way to go. Who knows?