‘Bubble’ costs, ‘walking signs’ on PTC’s Thursday night agenda

Peachtree City officials are expected to reveal Thursday night whether the cost of replacing the “bubble” over the Kedron pools will skyrocket.

Labeled the “air support structure” on the council agenda, the sole bid for the project came in $96,000 over budget already, but there is the potential for a larger cost overrun depending on whether additional work is needed to secure the structure. The total bid came in at $346,000.

The matter will be discussed at the City Council meeting, which starts at 7 p.m. Thursday at City Hall.

Also up for discussion are the proposed regulations on hand-held or “walking” signs.

City staff has determined that civic clubs would also be subject to the restrictions of the ordinance, but they also could apply for a special event permit just like businesses will be able to.

Expected to feel the hit the hardest are businesses like The Picnic Basket, which has been using walking signs along Ga. Highway 74 even though its location is not contiguous to the highway. The new ordinance limits hand-held signs to being used on the property where the business being advertised is located.

The ordinance would limit the walking signs to as many as five consecutive days, but for only four times a year and with a 30-day break between the issuance of walking sign permits. That too will also hurt businesses, several proprietors have said in recent meetings.

Other regulations include a limitation on the sign’s size to six square feet, and those holding such signs must be at least 25 feet from the back of curb or edge of the street.

Also on the table is an ordinance that instead would completely ban the use of hand-held and walking signs, should council choose to go that route instead.

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Bubble, walking sign whatever

Kill the damn bubble thing already and make it a normal pool that is only open when it it is warm enough to swim without hypothermia, unless the SCAT team and others want to fund the bubble. Enough already.

Walking signs? I could care less personally but it's an "issue" that won't go away in PTC so the Council is going to have to put their thick skulls together, get concussions from that bumping of heads, and come out with something besides A) total ban or B) 4 times a year and, C) not running afoul of existing laws and regulations concerning political speech, which no doubt those who utilize "walking signs" are already planning to use in a subtle way to get around some sort of ban. I'm thinking there are better options than what the Council is boldly jumping into yet again with nothing but emotion and a real lack of thought.

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Walking Signs

The Council went a bit overboard with their new walking sign ordinance. They should have at least given the Picnic Basket a waiver as long as the business was owned by the current owner given their unique situation. How can you plan a business when you don't know what blocks a local government is going to put on you in the future?

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It's a done deal, or didn't you hear?

And stop blaming our local govt. for the fact that you made bad decisions.

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