Robbery victim recovering, suspect ID’d by parole officer

Fayetteville Police Officer Ben Jenkins surveys the retail venues at the Fayette Pavilion. Interim Chief Scott Pitts on May 2 announced a plan to increase police presence at the large regional shopping area. One of the triggers of that increased presence is a recent robbery. Photo/Ben Nelms.

The Jonesboro man arrested May 8 for the assault of a woman outside the Kohl’s department store at the Fayette Pavilion on April 27 is facing multiple charges that include robbery and financial transaction card theft. The victim’s husband last week said he was grateful for the public assistance which led to the arrest.

Twenty-year-old Jonesboro resident Zaquaus Troyon Stubbs was arrested at his home on May 8 by Fayetteville Police. Stubbs was charged with robbery by force, four counts of financial transaction card theft and one count of misdemeanor battery, according to Det. Mike Whitlow.

Whitlow said a search warrant for Stubbs’ residence was obtained after numerous calls from the community were received when Stubbs’ photo was distributed to area media outlets. The images of Stubbs were captured on video footage that depicted Stubbs using the victim’s credit cards to purchase gas at several service stations in Clayton County. Other calls from the community came from people who had received gasoline paid for with the victim’s credit cards, Whitlow said. One of the people identifying Stubbs was a probation officer, Whitlow added.

The April 27 attack in the Kohl’s parking lot occurred just after 10 a.m. The assailant grabbed the victim by the collar and threw her to the ground, then took her purse and fled on foot toward Pavilion Parkway. The victim suffered injuries to her arm and neck, according to reports.

Whitlow said the May 8 search of Stubbs’ residence revealed a quantity of undisclosed evidence, adding that Stubbs was arrested without incident.

“This is big for us. A crime this big is our priority,” Whitlow said.

The arrest was not the first for Stubbs. He pleaded as a first offender to burglary and identity fraud charges in February 2012 and was sentenced to five years in prison where he served one year followed by four years of probation, according to news reports.

The victim’s husband, Don Arrington, was also at the Fayetteville Police Dept. when Stubbs was brought in last week. Arrington thanked the media for distributing Stubbs’ photo and thanked the numerous people who called police to make a report.


BELOW: Officers escort Zaquaus Troyon Stubbs to be charged in the Kohl’s parking lot robbery. Photo/Ben Nelms.

Asked about his wife’s condition, Arrington said she is making small steps and is slowly venturing out of the house.

Whitlow thanked the Clayton County Police Dept. and the Ga. Dept. of Corrections for assisting in the apprehension.

In an issue pertaining to the Fayette Pavilion, recently appointed interim Police Chief Scott Pitts announced May 2 that the department has developed an action plan to increase police presence that is designed to promote public safety and awareness for shoppers at the Fayette Pavilion.

“Officers are being directed to increase security checks on the businesses in the Fayette Pavilion and the officers assigned to the department’s traffic management team will also increase their enforcement activities on Pavilion Parkway,” said Pitts. “The patrol division will begin holding some pre-shift briefings in and around Station 92 located on Pavilion Parkway.”

Pitts said the actions outlined will immediately increase the number of officers in the Fayette Pavilion at different times throughout the day.

Pitts said the department will continue to work closely with DDR Corp., property managers of the Fayette Pavilion, to explore options for procuring license plate readers and cameras at the large retail area and having a DDR-funded police officer work off-duty security everyday at the Pavilion.

BELOW: The Fayetteville police precinct and fire department at the Pavilion. Photo/Ben Nelms.

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Good Response......but

However, this response needs to be followed up by citizens that believe that law enforcement in Fayette County is priority number 1.

We need to put on the ballot a Special Local Option Sales Tax proposal to fund stepped up law enforcement, prison construction and court facilities and personnel in Fayette County.

Money fights crime, secures our lives and property and saves our community from being taken over by criminal elements.

If we want to avoid the mistakes made by other counties, we will have to pay for it. It's that simple.

We need to get our County Commissioners behind this proposal and soon.

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