Fayette BoE to outsource schools’ janitorial services

The Fayette County Board of Education next week is expected to hire GCA Services Group to outsource the school system’s custodial services as one of the cost-cutting measures designed to help balance the 2013-2014 budget. The move will come with initial savings of $300,000 while providing staff transitioning to GCA the means to maintain their current rate of pay.

GCA provides janitorial and custodial services in a variety of industries and is currently serving school systems in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and Virginia.

The initial savings to the school system for the first year was initially estimated at $400,000-$500,000. But that amount changed after GCA agreed, at the school system’s request, to retain current employees that transition to GCA at their same rate of pay. That is expected to lead to savings of approximately $300,000 the first year and additional savings in the future.

Interim Superintendent Dan Colwell said the turnover rate of custodial staff is approximately 20 percent per year. As the current staff leave the new employees will be paid at the established GCA rate.

Noting its stated intent to provide a flawless transition of services, the GCA plan includes two account managers along with regional management and support staff and lead supervisors. GCA officials at the school board meeting Monday said each school will have a lead custodian who will report to one of the two area managers who will have offices in Fayette County.

The school system currently employs 129 FTEs (full-time equivalents) while GCA representatives said the company’s staffing plan calls for employing 145 FTEs.

GCA representatives said all current custodial staff will be hired by the company provided they pass a background check. Along with matching wages, GCA provides comprehensive health benefits, 10 paid time-off days for full-time employees, a company-matched 401k program, initial and continuous in-service training for all employees.

GCA services for schools and the school system include a quality control program with monthly principal surveys and full disclosure through a joint review committee. Ongoing operations include GCAware Technology support, inspections and continuous training. Custodial staff will be supervised by GCA operations team leaders.

Representatives said the Fayette County management team has been identified and is ready to begin work.

The school board will vote on the proposal at the May 20 meeting.

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odd thing I read in other paper

In the Fayette Daily News, I read that the reason they were doing this was to save money especially because insurance was going up $150 per employee. Someone tell me why they are whining about that when they are passing that on to the employees, they aren't paying it.