Stormwater: Just more gov’t. bloat

I would like to add a few things to the stormwater debate. It appears to me all the government officials are doing is adding more bureaucracy to the government when there were already road and sewer funds to take care of things like this.

This goes all the way from the federal government down to the mayor, council, and county commissioners. It all starts with a stormwater supervisor and escalates from there.

There will be a never-ending list of things that just have to be done whether they are really needed or not. The stormwater supervisor will have to justify his job by finding more things and he will need assistants and a secretary and vehicles.

The stormwater supervisor will be another inspector coming around telling you what you are going to have to do about water running off your property just like they tell you to put up silt fences now.

Can you imagine what it’s going to cost to put rip-rap on all the creek banks in the county? Don’t say it won’t be done; some cities are doing it now.

It will pit neighbor against neighbor when someone goes to the county or city to make a neighbor do something about water running off his land onto theirs. I heard some of that brought up in the meeting on stormwater.

Think how expensive that could get if the stormwater supervisor orders you to get a bulldozer or landscaper to fix your property to keep the water from running on your neighbor’s property.

Few people at the meeting paid any attention to the people that told how they had moved from other municipalities that had stormwater rules and how it had gotten out of hand.

I paid attention because I own property in towns that have stormwater bureaucracies. The water bill went from $44 a month to $117 a month and is still going up.

Everybody knows no taxes are ever done away with and politicians are not permanent.

Just raise the property taxes or sell the bonds.

W.H. Pool

Fayetteville, Ga.

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Storm Water Department

As development happens it changes the flow of storm water. That flow is increased or decreased and has to be dealt with. While some of you may not ever see the need to deal with it. Over the course of a few years, 1/4 of my property became reclassified as a flood zone. How did that happen? My property didn't move, changes happened upstream that effected my property. During a particular heavy storm, I lost a fence that cost me out of pocket over $5000 to replace. That fence was there over 20 years and would of been there many years after that had the water not washed it away. People like me who had excess property damage from storm water, need someone at the government level to deal with this. To help dictate how people direct there storm water.

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Mr. Pool

With all due respect, you can sit there and do nothing. I am going to fight to see that we have clean drinking water for years to come even if it costs me money.