B’day candle sets off blaze in house fire

B’day candle sets off blaze in house fire

A house fire at 130 Nix Court near Fayetteville during the early afternoon hours May 13 resulted in heavy damage but no injuries to the two residents in the house at the time of the blaze. Firefighters at the scene learned that the cause of the fire was apparently related to a young child playing with a birthday candle.

Fayette County Fire and Emergency Services Lt. Donnie Davis said two residents were at home at the time of the blaze and called 911 to report the fire. Davis said firefighters and emergency crews from Fayette FES and the Fayetteville Fire Department responded.

The home suffered significant damage and is “pretty much a loss,” Davis said. The cause of the fire, said Davis, was initially unknown until the adult female resident told firefighters her young son had been playing with a birthday candle.

Davis reported that the mother and son were unharmed and that the family said they have other family members in the area. Otherwise, said Davis, FES would contact the Red Cross for accommodations.

The fire was extinguished by mid-afternoon. Davis said firefighting crews were rotated in and out due to the conditions of extreme heat brought on by the fire and by afternoon temperatures. Though the loss was significant, Davis said firefighters were able to prevent much fire and water damage to the basement area.

“The guys did an excellent job,” Davis said, praising their efforts and the avoidance of any injuries to the residents or themselves.

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sounds fishey to me. a birthday candle a small child with mother home, that much damage. can't fit it together. hope it's checked out cause it don't look, sound or walk like a duck.