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Fayette E-SPLOST funds lease of 1,937 computers at $3.3 million

The computer “refresh” at the Fayette County School System continued last week with the Board of Education approving the 1-cent sales tax-funded lease of 1,937 computers and related equipment at $3.341 million.

The board also approved an additional 59 computers and related equipment for Exceptional Children’s Services (ECS) at $90,840.

Technology Services Director Curt Cearley outlined the lease plan. The unit price for 1,117 Optiplex 780 computers was $1,385 each, for a total of $1.547 million. The acquisition also includes 652 Optiplex 780 units with nComputing installation at $1,505 each or $981,423.

The board approved a number of other leases, including 682 monitors, keyboards and mice at $576,221, 98 Latitude 2110 notebooks for $66,782, 10 Latitude E6410 notebooks at $12,600, 60 Optiplex 780 units with Read 180 software for $62,460 and 1,936 MS Office 2007 programs for $94,399.

And for ECS, the board approved 59 Optiplex 780 computers at $1,385 each, or $81,715, and 54 monitors, keyboards and mice for $9,125.



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