Commissioners’ missteps have become table talk at Fayette restaurants

I am submitting some comments I made during the April 28 Board of Commissioners meeting:

Several events came together over the past few weeks that have brought me to write a letter to the editor. The culmination of these events came to a head last week over dinner with a group of friends at a local restaurant in Peachtree City.

Over the course of the evening our conversation turned to local politics. I started a discussion about county politics and the issues that were important to me, these being:

1. West Fayetteville Bypass

2. Mass transit to Fayette County

3. Appointing a relative to the Board of Elections

I was surprised that these issues were also important to everyone at the table and we spent the rest of the night discussing our disappointment on how several commissioners sitting on the board have chosen to handle these issues.

I first want to say that none of us live near the West Fayetteville Bypass, but we can see the road for what it really is. It is nothing but a road for developers. Since it is a road for developers and three out of five commissioners want it so badly, I say let the developers pay for it. Don’t use my tax dollars to pay for a road that only benefits the developers.

Second, mass transit in Fayette County. The fact that the three commissioners from the previous Board of Commissioners all said that they do not want mass transit in Fayette County, but then three of them (Frady, Hearn, and Horgan) turned around and voted in favor of keeping the bus routes in the county, is beyond troubling.

So which is it? Are they for mass transit in Fayette County or do they oppose it? I suppose this is a rhetorical question because I feel the way you vote speaks louder than what you actually say. Even the transportation planner from Atlanta Regional Commission said we did not need mass transit here, but still the majority of this commission voted in favor of keeping us in the transit plan.

Third, but definitely not least: I don’t know the full story and maybe one of the commissioners involved could educate me, but it is my understanding three commissioners from the previous board tried to change how the Board of Elections is comprised.

Instead of having one member appointed from the Republican Party, one appointed from the Democrat Party and the third member appointed from the County Commission, I understand they tried to change the law to have the county commissioners have approval authority over all three members. But then because of public outrage they had to revert back to the previous practice.

Commissioner Hearn then nominated his cousin, Addison Lester, to supersede an already very well qualified [Marilyn] Watts to the board of elections. Commissioner Hearn described Addison Lester as “a friend from church” and never mentioned he is related to the gentleman.

On top of all of these election board shenanigans, we now find out Addison Lester, Commissioner Hearn’s cousin, owns 100 plus acres near the proposed route of the West Fayetteville Bypass.

I am asking that Commissioner Hearn re-examine his decision of nepotism. Please do not put Mr. Lester onto the election board. Do not continue to disappoint the fine citizens of Fayette County.

I have never written a letter to the editor of The Citizen, but I felt compelled to write this letter and say there is a great deal of worry and resentment about the direction commissioners Hearn, Frady, and Horgan are taking.

Joshua Bloom

Peachtree City, Ga.

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Fayette County Leaders, Take Notice

Joshua Bloom and his friends are indicative of what's going on all through Fayette County. Fayette voters have questions and they want answers.

People from every corner of Fayette County are against the West Bypass, mass transit, and less than honest commissioners. They want to know:

Why are you spending $30,000,000.00 on a developer road when our county is struggling through a depressed economy?

When Commissioner Hearn served as this county's Public Works Director, did he re-route the original West Bypass alignment to run through his family's property?

If our county leaders are against mass transit in Fayette County, why did they continually vote in favor of it with the Atlanta Regional Commission?

Commissioner Hearn, why did you neglect to reveal that Addison Lester is your cousin when you nominated and helped appoint him to the Fayette County Elections Board?

Commissioner Hearn, why did you fail to reveal that your cousin, Addison Lester, is a Director of the Fayetteville Development Authority, is retired from Ga. Power and a portion of the family property on the West Bypass was sold to Oglethorpe Power?

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Thank You Mr. Bloom

"I suppose this is a rhetorical question because I feel the way you vote speaks louder than what you actually say."

Very true Mr. Bloom, now we just need to know how they vote.

This takes effort and a little time. Let's hope the citizens of Fayette County find out.

Peter Pfeifer
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Well written

And, your comments are very well written Mr. Bloom. Thank you for "getting involved".

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Joshua Bloom's Comments Are Greatly Appreciated

Thank you, Mr. Bloom, for your intelligent commentary!

Thank you for caring about Fayette County!

It is a shame that so many people never take the time to attend a commission meeting.

I sincerely hope that you and your friends will continue to attend commission meetings and that you will continue to speak during the Public Comment portion.

Please continue to write letters to the editor and voice your concerns for our county. You are a very important part of our community.

Without folks like you and your friends, a handful of powerful people will succeed in walking all over our Constitutional Rights. They will succeed in destroying our Fayette County way of life.

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