Early voting this Saturday in F’ville

Early voting has begun Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at three locations in Fayette County: the Peachtree City Library, Tyrone Town Hall and the county’s elections office in downtown Fayetteville.

Polls will also be open this Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. only at the elections office in Fayetteville, which meets a federal requirement to offer Saturday voting during a federal election.

Because it is a primary, voters will have to choose a Democratic or Republican ballot, as they cannot cast votes for both parties. The winners, of course, will face off in the November general election, in which voters may choose to vote for either party.

The Republican ballot has two contested local races: the Post 4 slot on the BoE between Diane Basham, Mindy Fredrikson, John Kimbell and Jane Owens; and the Post 3 race for the county commission between former Peachtree City mayors Steve Brown, Harold Logsdon and Don Haddix.

There are no local races up for grabs on the Democratic ticket.

Board of Education candidates Leonard Presberg (Post 5) and Ogechi Oparah (Post 4) are unopposed along with county commission Post 5 candidate Pota Coston.

The court-ordered advent of district voting also adds a new wrinkle to voting this year, as residents will no longer be able to vote in each open race on the county commission and board of education. Instead, residents may only vote for the post corresponding to the geographic district they live in.

In this year’s election that means that voters in districts 1 and 2 will not be able to vote on any candidates seeking election to the county commission or the board of education.

The district voting ruling, resulting from the lawsuit filed by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, is being appealed to the 11th Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals. However, the primary and general elections this year are being conducted under the new district voting rules.

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Cal Beverly will not allow anyone to post the campaign web site addresses in the blogs, FYI.

Keep in mind that my campaign web site was crafted by volunteers who have appreciated all the things we have been able to accomplish in a very short period of time while in elected office. I am proud of their effort and I am proud to have them on my side.

We all knew up front that the opposition was going to try to trash our efforts through nitpicking and mud slinging. You have lived up to our expectations.

A lady over at McIntosh High School last night told me, "They are trying to tear you down because they can't build him [opposition] up."

I would say there is quite a bit for people to see, including:

- I drove the coordinated effort by the county & Constitutional officers to approve the first balanced budget in years. Ended 2013 by posting a $800,000 fund balance.

- Campaigned for over a year throughout the 10-county region to oppose a 10-year sales tax increase for many projects that would have done little to relieve congestion.

- Steve Brown kept his campaign promises, notably:
> Enhanced open government through increased opportunities for citizens to provide public comment on any issues coming before the Board.
> Solicits participation by any citizen to compete for positions on county authorities, boards, and commissions.
> Cancelled Phase III of the West Fayette Bypass.

- Immediately acted to correct decades of crumbling infrastructure- most notably, the county water supply system and storm water drainage.


- Re-established mutually respectful relationships with towns & cities to all their citizens' benefit.

- Worked tirelessly with his Fulton & Coweta County counterparts to advance planning & funding for a major reduction of congestion for all commuters using the GA74 - I-85 intersection.

- The Board partnered with the City of Fayetteville to significantly enhance essential government services that facilitated Pinewood-Atlanta Studios meeting its tight construction schedules.

Feb 27, 2014 - Commissioner Steve Brown & Fayetteville Mayor Greg Clifton accept Atlanta Regional Commission's CREATE Award for their collaborative efforts working with Pinewood-Atlanta Studios.


- Lead efforts to fairly distribute sales tax revenue between the county and all five cities & towns in just two weeks without having to resort to arbitration or lawsuits.

- Provided a meaningful Fayette County voice at the Atlanta Regional Commission, which prioritizes federal transportation funds are

- Negotiated with Spalding County to share funding to replace the McIntosh Road bridge, which the state recognized as one of the worst in GA.

- Received a Common Cause Georgia award for being a vocal champion of higher ethical standards at the state level.

- PTO President, J.C. Booth Middle School 2010-2011, ans President of the School Council 2009-2010. Started two government intern programs, Science Olympiad coach, and girls youth soccer coach.

And that is just a little sample. There is a big difference.

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Steve Brown - Silent on the Issues...

I mean, look at his website! Lots of colorful pictures, but no issues at all! Look at this link to see what I mean:


Not a single issue there....and they say that Haddix and Logsdon aren't talking about the issues.

Seriously - Steve, fix your blank page. And run spell-check too...some of that stuff was hard to read enough without the typos!

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Honestly only Haddix

Only Haddix's website deals with issues. The others are generalizations in my humble opinion.