Fayette got up to 4 inches of ‘beneficial’ rain; more coming

Fayette got good soaking over weekend; helpful to recharge water sources

Depending on where you live in Fayette County, the weekend rains brought between 2.5 and 4 inches of precipitation combined with the showers seen Monday night, according to the National Weather Service north Georgia office in Peachtree City.

If you think you’re soggy now, wait until Saturday when the next rainstorm is predicted to hit with another half-inch to one inch of rain, potentially wiping out most outdoor activities.

At least there will be a few days between now and then to dry out, said NWS Hydrologist Kent Frantz.

While the rain has been an inconvenience to those with outdoor plans, it has been a boon to local lakes and streams along with the underground water table, Frantz said.

“This is a really good thing to have happen because we’ve been in a drought the past couple of years,” Frantz said. “You need this kind of rainfall and excess, this is the right time really to recharge lakes, streams and groundwater tables. It’s very beneficial.”

The largest amount of weekend rain was seen on the eastern side of Fayette County as parts of the Flint River reached flood stage, Frantz said. East Fayette got about 4 inches of rain while the western portion of the county including Peachtree City got closer to 2.5 inches, Frantz said.

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So how screwed are we with the new rain fall and water?

Oh joy more rain, and a longer time for the pipes to be flushed out.