Whitewater Middle School’s film premier is Friday

The cast of “The Onset.” Photo/Special.

Amid the ice and snow storms of earlier this year, the Whitewater Middle School Drama Club embarked on an exciting film project.

After months of hard work the full length movie “The Onset” emerges. “The Onset” follows a group of students in fictional Tugaloo, Ga. on a camping trip where they quickly find themselves at ground zero in the middle of a deadly virus outbreak. The virus quickly turns those infected into aggressive zombie-like creatures that threaten all those in the group.

During the project the students learned various elements of film making, from acting on camera, to make-up, sound, video equipment, and set/prop building.

The film premiers with a formal premier at Whitewater High School in the auditorium Friday at 6:30 p.m.

The community is invited to join these students as they host the first ever showing of The Onset.

Tickets will be sold at the door for $4 adults and $2 for students; for advanced ticket sales contact Toby Spencer at spencer.toby@mail.fcboe.org.

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