Gun incident reported on PTC cart path

Cops think pistol was a cap gun, not a real firearm

A Peachtree City family got a scare on the cart path Tuesday afternoon when a handgun was pointed at them by another golf cart driver going in the opposite direction, police said.

Police have since determined that the gun was "most likely" a cap gun, based on a second interview of the complainant, officials said. Officers were unable to locate the golf cart with suspects matching the description provided by the complainant, police said.

Police further determined that the suspect's only intent was "to scare the complainant," according to a summary of the incident.

The incident occurred around 4:20 p.m. on the cart path near the pedestrian bridge over Ga. Highway 74 as the mother was driving her 9-and 10-year-old children, police said. The driver of the golf cart was the one who pulled the gun, raising his hands to his chest, pointing a small pistol and pulling the trigger "causing the pistol to make a pop sound similar to two hands clapping," according to a police summary of the incident.

The gunman's golf cart was driving in the opposite direction, driven by a suspect described as a "heavy-set, medium skinned" black male in his mid-20s with dreadlocks. The second passenger was described as a smaller black male.

The complainant first turned around to follow the subjects but reconsidered and called 911 instead, providing a description of the suspects and the white golf cart they were on, police said.

Radio traffic about the incident suggested that the suspects left the area heading west toward the Wynnmeade subdivision.

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Due to the....

high cost of ammo, do not expect a warning shot from me.

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I know what you mean. I hate

I know what you mean. I hate wasting money but I do like to do the job right. No warning shots from me, expect all shots to count. I've also heard that most people who empty their clips under stress only remember firing once.

D.A--Why did you have to shoot him ten times?
Me--Ten? Ten? Really? I thought I just fired once. I was under a lot of stress....Oops, sorry.

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where can a golf cart gun rack be purchased?

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Anyone want to guess who will

Anyone want to guess who will be packing now while out on the cart paths? Hint...This guy.

PTC Observer
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Golf Cart "cap gun"

With the recent incident of robbery on the path system many people are wary and perhaps carrying protection.

When you're a teenager all sorts things seem funny but this kind of thing could be deadly. It's not like knocking over mailboxes. The wrong combination of events could lead to a tragic end for these kids.

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Oh, just send the atv

that was down on the paths around Crimony Village around 2PM today. Oh, I'm sure it would have arrived there sooooo much faster than the motorcyle which could go by road and by path to get there. Yeah, right. Are you listening, council? 90 miles by atv. Yeah, right. Better yet, send the bicycle.

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Time for Golf Cart Decoys

The Peachtree City Police were great at tracking down on-line child predators. How about using undercover police decoys in carts on the paths? I just started using my cart again after retiring it for a while. It is sad that you have to fear driving to the market mid-day. If it wasn't bad enough fearing that a 7 year old was going to run you off the road, now I have to worry about these thugs.