PTC may add cart paths to impact fees

Peachtree City is working to revise its impact fee ordinance to remove a focus on the library and recreation efforts, switching the funds designation over to streets and cart paths to serve future development in the city, nearly all of which will be in the Wilksmoor (West) Village.

Impact fees are paid for each individual brand-new building erected in Peachtree City, with portions going to capital projects around the city to specifically serve the newly-developed areas. Monies are separated for example to an expansion of the police department needed in the future, as well as the purchase of future fire apparatus.

The catch with the current designation of impact fees for recreation and library uses isn’t very compatible with the city’s future needs, as the city doesn’t plan to add more recreation facilities and the library has already met its expansion benchmark for the increase of circulation materials, according to Community Development Director Jon Rorie.

Adding more recreation, Rorie said, “is the last thing we need to be doing as we move forward.”

Rorie told the city council April 17 that he recommends spending $21,000 to update the impact fee ordinance to make the necessary changes to remove the library and recreation projects, replacing them with necessary funding for street and cart path construction.

The updating of the ordinance will be conducted by Ross and Associates of Atlanta, which has done previous impact fee work for the city. The process is expected to take some time, culminating in December with a potential adoption of a new impact fee ordinance by council.

Impact fees are charged on each residential, retail, commercial and industrial building constructed in the city. The city has been operating the impact fee program since 1992.

Rec Guy
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Same old story from Rorie

As Leisure Service Director, Rorie wasted bond funds to renovate the Gathering Place and old Recreation Building so the seniors would have a place to play bingo, now that he is in charge of Public Works of course he wants to shift funds from recreation and library to streets/paths.

Mayor and Council need to figure out how to pay for our infrastructure without continually changing programs which were intended to enhance the amenities PTC is known for.

I may not be an expert on city operations, but streets and paths don't wear out overnight. Let's have some thought and planning on our expenditures and stop being so reactionary.

Husband and Fat...
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Impact Fees and Recreation

If we are trying to bring in more families, doesn't it make sense to keep some of the impact fees designated for recreation? More families = more participants = more needs. While cart paths are impacted and needed, the costs are typically shared by the new home buyers as part of the cost of the home when the developers construct new paths to tie into our existing system. In my mind, there should be a line item in the city's budget each year for maintenance of existing paths.

Why is Ms. Learnard not pushing to wait until June when the COC, (I mean Vision)report is finalized? Or does she just cherry pick whatever is on her agenda that day?

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Impact Fees and West Side Fire Station and The Gates

5 years too late for a fire station on MacDuff. At least, until staff gets Station 85 off the plan for the FD portion of impact fees. Which means there will be no south side fire station indefinitely. And that no station for MacDuff can be added till changes are made to impact fee structure.

As the realtor mayor made sure to point out, and the attorney told everyone, if the new impact fees come in lower than what they are now, The Gates will pay the new, lower impact fees for each permit pulled. Thus, the 77K phonied staff figure given last year for annexation justification for impact fee income to the city will just go away, too. Of course, only if the permits are pulled after Dec. or so when the new fees are set. So, just watch that corner of 74 sit as is till next year, folks. As purty as Lexington is now. Could be a pretty sweet deal for the developer just keeps getting sweeter, I say.

Who knows if Weiland is challenging (the threat is there already) impact fees they feel are unjustified. Just because the city wants those developers on MacDuff to pay for a fire station, road, bridge over rr tracks, and cart path connections does not mean the developers will agree to it. This city is trying to play catch up with outdated impact fees that are 5 years old.

I see Council is going to decide on doing away with current city planning staff positions and replace with 2 new ones. Are these title only changes or new staff replacing existing staff? Add another 55K to the staff budget.

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