Candidate forum at PTC City Hall Monday

The Fayette County Republican Party is sponsoring a candidate forum for those seeking election to the Post 3 seat on the Fayette County Commission. The forum will be held at City Hall in Peachtree City Monday night from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

The current officeholder, Steve Brown, is seeking re-election. He faces a challenge from Don Haddix and Harold Logsdon, both of whom share something in common with Brown.

All three men are former Peachtree City mayors. Logdson beat Brown in the 2005 mayoral race, and Haddix won the 2009 race.

Each candidate will be asked several predetermined questions during the forum, and voters will have a chance following the forum to meet each candidate to ask their own questions if they choose.

The May 20 primary will be the decisive election for the Post 3 race, as no Democrat qualified to run. That means the winner of the primary will take office for a new four-year term on Jan. 1, 2015.

The election is different this year with the advent of district voting, which means that only county residents who live in Post 3 will be allowed to vote in the race.

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It was nice

A soft spoken young lady read a few questions to get things started. The audience got to ask questions later.

Haddix really laid it on Logsdon. Don't know why that surprised me but it did.

Thanks to Sherry Evans for giving me a ride while I can't drive with my foot.

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Any bloggers hit this up?

I wanted to go, but the weather was turning for the worse and I already know who I am voting for...One choice, IMHO.

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Questions for candidates tonight

Were the predetermined questions sent to the candidates or will the candidates have to ad lib?

I hope they ask each about the district voting lawsuit.

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Which of you can walk and chew bubble gum at the same time?

Can you tie your own shoes?

Can you read a map?

Do you know your multiplication tables up through 12x12?

Did you constantly come on the local paper blogs and ARGUE with your constituents while in office as Mayor?

That should eliminate at least one candidate, more than likely two.

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no problem for some

Hey - I've seen clowns juggle and ride a unicyle at the same time, so there!

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