Boy, 13, fatally injured in fall at PTC’s Falcon Field

Teen fell 25 feet through skylight of main hangar

A Temple, Ga., boy was fatally injured in a fall through a skylight at the main hangar at Peachtree City’s Falcon Field Airport shortly after noon Friday, police said.

The roof was in the process of being replaced by a subcontractor R&R of Villa Rica when the incident happened around 12:39 p.m., police said. Bailey stepped on a skylight, which collapsed, and fell about 25 feet to the hangar floor, police said. No other explanation was given for the presence of the 13-year-old on the hangar roof.

Because of the weather, a medical helicopter was unavailable and the ambulance had to divert to Piedmont Fayette Hospital where the youth later died, police said.

Here’s what the police news release said:

“On April 20th, 2012 at approximately 12:39 p.m., Peachtree City Police Department and Fire Department were dispatched to 5 Falcon Field, Peachtree City-Falcon Field Airport, in response to a 13-year-old male who had fallen through a skylight in the roof of the main hangar.

“Upon arrival, personnel found that 13-year-old Austin Bailey, of Temple, Ga., had been on the roof of the main hangar and had stepped onto a skylight.

“The skylight gave way, resulting in him falling approximately 25 feet into the main hangar. The hangar is currently being re-roofed by a company out of Villa Rica, Ga.

“Peachtree City Fire Department transported him to the Piedmont-Fayette Hospital where he passed away shortly after 1:08 p.m.

“Airport personnel have contacted OSHA, who will be sending personnel to the worksite the beginning of next week.”

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