Fayette resident shot after dispute at Fulton County club

A Fayette County man was shot in the parking lot of a north Fayette County school early Thursday morning after being involved in an altercation at a club on Old National Highway.

Fayette County Sheriff Barry Babb said the victim was shot in the arm at 3 a.m. Thursday by an unknown assailant who followed him into the county.

Babb said the events that led to the shooting began at a club on Old National Highway in Fulton County. A dispute began over what was believed to have been a wager related to a game of pool. Babb said the dispute was carried outside the club.

The victim got in his car and drove into Fayette County where he turned in at Our Lady of Mercy High School on Ga. Highway 279, Babb said, adding that the persons involved in the dispute had followed the victim and subsequently shot him in the arm.

The victim told deputies he did not know the men and could not provide a description, Babb said.

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Just goes to show....

This is the quality of residents we have moving into the north end of the county now a days.

G35 Dude
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The victim told deputies he did not know the men and could not provide a description, Babb said.

They were playing pool earlier and he can not even provide a description? Sounds a little fishy to me.

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I was thinking the same thing. Why would someone stop in a school parking lot? Seems more like a drug deal that went bad.

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Man shot

Ever heard old saying "Nothing good ever happens after midnight"?

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or when you are looking for trouble you can usually find it

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And Obama wants to take my gun away

Why should this dip have a gun and I can't have mine? Does that make sense to anyone?

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