F’ville cops raid gift shop, find gambling machines

Fayetteville Police Tuesday morning enter the Fayette Gift Shop on North Glynn Street and seize six gambling machines from the store’s back room. Arrests resulting from the seizure are pending. Photo/Ben Nelms.

Fayetteville Police during the late morning hours April 17 entered the Fayette Gift Shop on North Glynn Street to serve search warrants related to illegal gambling on the premises. A search warrant was also served at the Travis Trail residence of the person believed to be the registered owner.

Maj. Kevin Gooding in a release of preliminary information at the scene said the business was believed to have been operating as a gambling location similar to the activities identified recently in Peachtree City and Clayton County.

And what investigators found inside in the front of the building was the gift shop with items such as picture fames hanging in the wall. But in a room at the rear of the store were six electronic gambling machines, Gooding said. The find corroborated initial complaints made by someone who contacted police saying they had lost money on the machines, Gooding said.

There were two customers and one employee inside the store at the time of the search, Gooding said. Officers approached the three without incident. The names of those individuals have not been released and charges on the three are pending, Gooding added.

A simultaneous search warrant was executed at 125 Travis Trail in unincorporated Fayette County. Gooding said the residence is believed to be the home of the individual with whom the business is registered.

Det. Mike Whitlow at the scene said the owner came to the residence and spoke with investigators. The owner’s name is not being released at this time and no arrest warrants have been issued, Whitlow said.

Albert Hedden, manager of the Natural Goodness Health Foods store located adjacent to the gift shop, said some people came in and opened the gift shop but there seemed to have been more to the story.

“It was obvious they were not selling only gifts,” Hedden said. “Some customers would come out looking happy and some would could out looking not so happy.”

Both Whitlow and Gooding said the investigation began several months ago and is ongoing.

“This illustrates the problem for the regular, everyday person. They come in and get in the habit of gambling. And the odds are not in their favor,” said Gooding.

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So they can't sell LOTTO either?

Just a thought....Oh I forgot, the TAX MAN gets his share from the LOTTO. Does the last paragraph in the article not fit LOTTO players too? Now don't get me wrong, I'm for the LOTTO, etc...but that comment reeks of double speak.

I hope everyone slept better after this big time raid.

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F’ville cops raid gift shop, find gambling machines

I wonder if they will addRICO charges to them, its been done in the earlier cases when stores were raided last year..

Annoying to see that someone who willingly played the games, was so upset of losing, then they turn tail and tip off the cops..Illustrates the problem, the gambler can in the end turn the tail on the houese and get revenge..

Pending charges, lovely, but they handcuffed and charged the ones in the past, and notified the media so they could made it one giant made for TV news story..OH yea they are dragging their damn feet turning over discovery on the earlier cases to play games, delaying, asking for further extentions..It has cost some owners their stores and hard working people their jobs..

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"initial complaints made by

"initial complaints made by someone who contacted police saying they had lost money on the machines"

That's the problem with running an illegal casino. When your patrons get upset about losing they can just turn you in. LOL

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What a nice little gamlin' town it has become.

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6 months and no actual

6 months and no actual arrests? Come on guys, all you have to do is walk in and they'll pack up. That's essentially all they will do now.

Try checking out the Citgo gas station close by.. same operation. Go a little further down 85 into Riverdale and those same people are operating more game rooms. These things are so obvious to spot, it's not even funny. Good luck counting on Riverdale to clean them up though...

I'm sure they have a surveillance system.. have they traced the IP of the people who watch it?

My concern with these game rooms is that they're making so much cash and it's getting sent back to the middle east and for all we know, it could be supporting terrorism.

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